Chinese Sanctions And All!

I think the Chinese missed a golden opportunity here but they may intentionally be holding the joker up their sleeve.

Several weeks ago the Trump Regime sanctioned a number of Chinese officials who were involved with the oppression of the Uighurs, an Islamic tribal minority in China. The Chinese may have been surprised because it’s been reported that President Trump seemed to indicate to Chinese President Xi Jinping that he was OK with the Chinese activities.

At the time China stated that they would sanction American officials in return and we’ve all been waiting with bated breath. Well today is the day:

U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, Rep. Chris Smith and Ambassador for Religious Freedom Sam Brownback were targeted, as was the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. The four men have been critical of the ruling Communist Party’s policies toward minority groups and people of faith.

Sens Rubio and Cruz? I can’t imagine they had any designs on China anyway.

But if the Chinese really wanted to hurt the Trump Regime they should have sanctioned the Queen of Chinese Trademarks: Ivanka Trump!


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