4 thoughts on ““We support governer Walker”

  1. Way back when I started commenting on political blogs I spelled it that way too! LOL!! I felt soooo stoopid when someone replied back to me and had the correct spelling of the word in their comment. Duh!!

  2. College used to require a liberal education. Now it’s business marketing or science. And most scientists can’t afford to get envolved with politics. And all most business marketers learn is who to suck up to. I know, I was one of them. Thank goodness I had a minor in humanities and a degree in art as well.

    1. What REALLY chafes my ass is people with so- called degrees and college educations who CAN’T SPELL WORTH SHIT. Jesus H. Christ…they even have to put spell checks in PCs. Basic education has gone down the shitter. Stop fucking tweeting and READ A GODDAMNED BOOK. And BTW, its spelled ‘INvolved’, cretin.

  3. Funny thing is that to a criminal, those signs say “the owner of this house is rich and stupid, this is the place to hit!”

    Cat Kin, I went to a liberal education college to save some money on tuition at the highly regarded and highly expensive engineering school that I attended. I went there to save money, but I stayed because I was learning the truth about so many things that we were indoctrinated to believe as children, but never quite rang true.

    I was so impressed by the liberal education approach that I decided to do a double major just so I could keep taking the wonderful and useful courses at the other school. I believe that I’ve learned more from my liberal education requirements than from my engineering courses. We have computers to do most of the engineering work these days, but no computer can help us think for ourselves.

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