Seen today: Steve Biskupic at the Milwaukee federal courthouse

Seen today: former U.S. Attorney turned Scott Walker defense attorney Steve Biskupic leaving the Federal Courthouse in downtown Milwaukee.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


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6 thoughts on “Seen today: Steve Biskupic at the Milwaukee federal courthouse

  1. Michelle Roberts, former first chair of criminal division and an appellate lawyer and litigator, now with Biskupic’s firm, was also there with him. Not sure what that means, or whether she is of counsel for Walker, but there it is.

  2. Before we get all worked into a lather about the possibility of a Federal indictment, let’s assume that Walker is not Biskupic’s only client at the moment…

  3. On this one, I would hold my breath for at least a day. When your attorney is leaving the Federal building, well it doesn’t say much good about the person represented. Good news usually comes on the phone. The newest thing is how he got advanced notice on federal info of jobs or is he blowing flatulence instead of words hoping the smell will get republicans to turn away taking what the smell as the truth.

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