So yeah, there’s a rally tomorrow!

Have you heard?

There’s going to be a little get-together tomorrow in Madison. Apparently some hardworking middle class folks are going to get together and exercise their first amendment rights to free speech and assembly, and yours truly (along with my fired-up better half) will be among those in attendance.

I hope those of you who read this blog and support Wisconsin’s public employees will join us tomorrow, and if you’d like to keep tabs on what’s going on in Madison, you can follow the Blogging Blue Twitter feed. I’ll be Tweeting as much as I can tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to take as much video and pictures as my cameras will hold.

Here’s some information on tomorrow’s rally, if you’re interested in attending:

Tuesday Feb. 15 and Wednesday Feb. 16
* 10 a.m. Legislative Briefings at Masonic Temple, 301 Wisconsin Ave,
* 11 a.m. Lobby Visits, State Capitol
* Noon Rally on Capitol Square
* Tuesday – State Street Capitol Steps
* Wednesday – King St. Capitol Entrance
* 1 p.m. Resume Lobby Visits, State Capitol


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