‘Bipartisan’ Scott Walker: “public employee benefits are a virus”

Remember when Republican Gov. Scott Walker said he wanted to host lawmakers from both parties at the governor’s mansion to encourage bipartisanship over brats and beer?

Yeah, it appears Gov. Walker’s sudden desire for bipartisanship really was nothing more than a photo op to make him look good, as less than 24 hours later Gov. Walker told the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. that public worker benefits were “a virus.” You can listen to Gov. Walker’s “bipartisan” remarks HERE.

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say the new “bipartisan” version of Gov. Scott Walker is nothing more than the same extremist partisan so many of us have come to know and hate.


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6 thoughts on “‘Bipartisan’ Scott Walker: “public employee benefits are a virus”

  1. Is Walker advocating elimination of his retirement benefits and health insurance coverage for himself, his wife, and their two sons or just for other public employees ?

  2. Come on. You KNOW you’re going to vote for Obama, and what’s more, he knows it too. And he knows you know you’ll vote for him. What’s your alternative?
    That is the kind of person you helped get elected. Now you have to live with your choice.

  3. If “public employee benefits” (health insurance and a pension to help provide a decent retirement) are a “virus,” lets hope it’s a viral virus. This is a virus worth catching, especially by the private sector. It would be a real benefit to working men and women.

    1. @ Linda, just keep voting Republican and you will get what you want. Just ask the people of India, China and every other 3rd world country in the world that rich, republican business owners are currently exploiting. Your elected leaders made it so easy for them to move our manufacturing jobs off shore. When those jobs left, so did the pensions and benefit packages for private sector workers. Stop blaming “the other party” and look at the real picture.

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