Scott Walker leaves GOP presidential race in typical fashion – blaming others for his failure

Earlier today Gov. Scott Walker announced he is suspending his bid to become the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. As he exited the race, Walker talked about God, the Bible, and Ronald Reagan before blaming big bad Donald Trump for Walker’s failure of a presidential campaign.

Watch for yourselves.

What was really fascinating to me is how Walker tried to frame his decision to end his spectacularly miserable presidential campaign as “leadership,” but having said that Walker’s campaign failed because Walker failed. He failed to be anything other than a milquetoast and lackluster candidate who lacks charisma, and without a friendly media to prop him up (as he’s had for years here in Wisconsin) he was exposed for what he really is: a third-tier pretender.


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11 thoughts on “Scott Walker leaves GOP presidential race in typical fashion – blaming others for his failure

  1. “I encourage other candidates to do the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front-runner,”

    Sounds to me like he cut a deal with somebody. Maybe they bought up his campaign debt in exchange for him dropping out?

    Also, based on that language, it sounds like the establishment GOP is really starting to get concerned about Trump.

    1. As late as Sunday I read that his fundraising was ‘adequate’. So, does he get to keep any cash once the vendors are paid?
      Exactly how bad was that story circulating about his campaign manager? Remember, Karl Rove and Co. knocked John McCain out of the race with a lie about a black baby, so this tactic is nothing new but eternally effective. In this case it might be an unintended consequences thing, try to get rid of the campaign manager and knock Scooter out instead.
      My guess is he’s angling for VP or a cabinet position. Dream on…

      1. I doubt Scooter’s departure from the clown circus was an unintended consequence of anything but his own egotistical and arrogant, shameless serial buffoonery. I don’t see a VP nomination happening either, considering the public fool he’s made of himself nationally this past summer. The hard truth is, he’s only been able to sustain an illusion of being Governor for the past five years with enormous help of fawning state and local media. As predicted by many, the national media were not so forgiving.

        Encouragingly, our own (Eau Claire) Leader Telegram, after five years of protecting the little weasel, has finally begun over the past few weeks to call him out prominently. One can hope this is happening all over the state, and he might be denied the opportunity of stealing another gubernatorial election.

        OT, but maybe sort of related wishful musing: Has anybody heard anything about former VP candidate Eddie Munster lately? He seems to have totally dropped off the radar since his failed run. Hopefully the same will happen to Walker even without his losing an actual ticket.

        1. ‘The hard truth is, he’s only been able to sustain an illusion of being Governor for the past five years with enormous help of fawning state and local media.’
          And that is the hard truth I’ve never let go of, even as people said he’d go as far nationally as locally because all journalism is the same these days. It’s not, nationally at least some of the journalists are willing to connect the dots and ask those impertinent followup questions. Having had no practice dealing with such upstarts, Walker showed early and often how ridiculously unprepared he was. The only thing that surprised me about it was how much worse he was on a national and international stage than even I imagined.
          As for Eddie Munster, he’s come roaring back just in the last day or so, showing again his great, great concern for poor people:

          1. Sue, thanks.

            I hope Republicans and Democrats in Madison ask the Governor to return all portions of his salary that were not devoted to his job.

          2. I too was surprised at how out of his league Walker found himself on the National Stage. But maybe we shouldn’t have been.

            Thanks for the link on the Munster. I’d hardly call it “roaring back” though. More like thumping his chest from a safe spot on the sidelines, hoping someone – anyone – will listen to him. Eddie Boy is history, soon to be joined, hopefully, by the Unintimidated One.

  2. “GOP Candidate Scott Walker’s Departure Deals Blow To Koch Brothers’ 2016 Hopes, Whom Will Koch Brothers Support Now?”

    “When the primaries are over and Scott Walker gets the nomination,” Koch told the donors, according to the New York Times. The newspaper reported attendees at the event said Koch went even further, saying Walker should be the nominee.

    With Walker out of the race, it remains unclear which candidate may benefit from the Koch Brothers vast fundraising network, which has pledged to spend nearly $900 million on the 2016 presidential campaign. While the Kochs excluded Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie from their most recent conference — hosted by their affiliated organization, Freedom Partners — they did invite former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina to the event. At the conference, the candidates met privately with donors and held their own question-and-answer sessions on stage, Politico reported.”

  3. It is obvious that someone else wrote his statement. It is more coherent than much of his word salad over the years. it still shows that he is clueless to the characteristics of a true leader. If he had not done so much damage to Wisconsin, I would feel sorry for him. I am worried about the additional damage he will “Wreak on Wisconsin” before he finds another interest that will take him out of our wonderful state for good. Until that day we must remain vigilant for his next attack on our citizens.

  4. I am surprised it took this long for Walker’s weakness as a failed political talent to be realized by Kochs and the national media. He was a failure as a county exec and as a governor achieved only by his lies, deception, and with the aid of his “john doe” gang and the greed of special interests..

    I don’t know if I should be mad or glad that the national public did not come to realize the extent and depravity of Walker’s false conscience and the immorality of his harmful governance upon the men, women, and children of Wisconsin.

  5. Be careful for what you wish for…he’s returning to the State very, very, pissed off. I can’t begin to imagine who (or what) he’s going to take his wrath out on next. Hell hath not fury like an arrogant fool scorned.

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