When I heard that the Guv was going to announce that he was dropping out of the race, I began pondering a piece on the topic for Blogging Blue. Ironically, Scott Walker gave me my voice as a writer. I was always good at expressing myself verbally, but I was never much of a writer. I took one creative writing class in college and barely made a C…but since just before the recall, all I have to do is start typing and the words just flow. Of course, I have to backspace over my favorite adjective (it starts with F) quite often.  I guess anger is a great motivator. Usually, finding the right title is the hardest part for me…I feel that it has to be intriguing enough to make you want to read the post in the first place. Weirdly, tonight I can’t think of a single word to write that would live up to any of the following titles:

“Who had 10 weeks?”

“Unintimidated? No…Unindicted.”

“A funny thing happened on the way to the White House.”

“Take that, ISIS!”

“Called to lead…by example. I Quit.”

“But the fat lady didn’t sing yet.”

“Saved by zero.”

“Run from America.”

“I got Trumped.”

“Lead from behind: The Scott Walker story.”

Here’s the real story, in case you missed it, this afternoon’s press conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MDSjBnDFLs



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17 thoughts on “Entitled?

  1. Nancy, thanks.

    From a former staffer, who he fired,

    One last thought: Walker’s timing is good. Word is he just avoided getting tied to a very bad story that could well have been coming.”

    BTW, I greatly your admire your writing. DPW Chair Laning should hire you to edit what she sends out.

  2. Northshore,
    This is F#€£!^¥ (my fav. too) great! As I end my day, I thank you for putting a huge smile on my face.

  3. So what we have here is a thread wherein the author ruminates about her anger driven mediocre writing skills coupled with her admitted difficulty finding the correct title for her posts. How about “Self Absorbed?”

    1. Projecting again I see. By the way, Walker turned in his clown car, unlimited miles pass yesterday and that’s the topic here…

      1. Perhaps you need to reread the first paragraph non. There are as many “I’s” sprinkled in as you might find in an Obama speech about income inequality. The article is about her and Walker. FTFY.

    2. Denis, if you’re not a fan of what’s written here, then why keep visiting and commenting? It’s baffling to me that you’d waste so much time here if it’s all just so mediocre.

      1. It’s not all bad Zach. I enjoy political discussions. That is why I come here. It is too bad that many commenters become unglued by my comments such that rational debate or discussion becomes impossible. Thank you for what you do.

        1. And to play the victim card yet again. You and Scott Walker both. Over and over, and over with, “poo-poo pitiful me (you).” Yes this comment is off topic and your failure to even understand (or is it just to dictate what’s allowable in political discourse) or to recognize political satire right in front of your eyeballs with this post, which is one of the most venerable and likely one of the oldest forms of political discussion existing, to which you claim is missing here.

          Again YOUR failure is not Ms Northshore’s failure nor that of anybody else, so you are simply a self-absorbed, authoritarian twit, or playing one to distract from the topic, or, in some other fashion emotionally disturbed. Never-the-less, always a troll under the urban dictionary descriptions.

          Let us know when you begin writing somewhere on the blogs again so we all can ignore it completely and not mistakenly visit.

  4. Nancy, I invite you to take Denis’ insults as confirmation that you hit a nerve.

    Denis, why did Gov. Walker announce on Monday, at the front of the weekly news cycle?

    Denis, thanks for bringing up “income inequality,” which Pope Francis will emphasize in his Papal Mass in Philadelphia.

    “Pope Francis’ much-anticipated visit to the United States will culminate with Mass this Sunday in Philadelphia. Today I have exclusive breaking news about that celebration: Detailed study of an advance, partial script of the worship service shows that the theme of income inequality will be dramatically emphasized.”


    Denis, don’t you think we should refer to it as “wealth inequality?”

    Denis, who do you want the GOP to nominate for President?

  5. If Nancy is willing to listen to my admittedly harsh and unsparing critique, I will have done her more favors than the enablers who are working to protect her from criticism. Nobody wants to read a writer writing about their writing.

      1. I realize that I am one of your favorite subjects non but keep in mind the subjects of the thread, that is, Nancys’ writing prowess and Scott Walkers’ departure from the presidential race. Perhaps you can indulge in your obsession with me when it is slightly less inappropriate, like on a Sunday open thread for example.

    1. Denis, you’ve written three-times in this thread that you don’t like the topic. How does that qualify as writing “criticism?”

      You claim, that you, “enjoy political discussions.” Why haven’t you responded to my questions yesterday at 9:49?

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