How much will Scott Walker’s cabinet appointments cost Wisconsin taxpayers?

Earlier today Governor-elect Scott Walker named his cabinet appointees, and among the individuals named to cabinet positions within the Walker administration are current State Representatives Mark Gottleib (DOT), Mike Huebsch (DOA), and Scott Gunderson DNR). When asked when special elections to fill the seats vacated by Gottleib, Huebsch, and Gunderson would be scheduled, Walker indicated the special elections will not coincide with the spring 2011 elections, meaning taxpayers will be on the hook for all the costs (which will be significant) of holding stand-alone special elections to replace Gottleib, Huebsch, and Gunderson.

Yep, that’s fiscal responsibility!


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3 thoughts on “How much will Scott Walker’s cabinet appointments cost Wisconsin taxpayers?

  1. I know it is typical of republicans to spend money needlessly, but I actually have no problem with these appointments. Getting them out of office will probably save us more money in the long run. My only complaint is why couldnt he find a position for Grothman and Nass?

  2. Why not Grothman or Nass? Because Gottlieb, Huebsch, and Gunderson are actually in the ballpark of competent, particularly Gottlieb, who was one of the few intelligent ones in the GOP caucus.

    There’s really nothing that Nass and Grothman would be qualified to do. In order to be a cabinet secretary you actually have to have some management skills, which Nass and Grothman do not. Even Stepp, though she does not have a college education, does have experience running a business.

  3. I have lived in Gunderson’s district since he was first selected by the GOP and he is far from competent. He is far from ethical. He is far from intelligent. I remember when he ran his parents bait/liquor store, sometimes with his very young children behind the counter with him, great role modeling technique.
    You have to remember that he was asked to run for his seat in the first place because no one else wanted to do it and he had name recognition from his gay uncle and from the store……that was his qualifications.
    He hasn’t even lived in the district since the last redistricting….but, that’s a non-issue because the Dems have decided they don’t want to follow those pesky rules either……
    Gunderson has spent his political career making no waves, taking direct orders from the NRA (allowing them to write legislation) and appealing to the so-called sportsmen in this area.
    In regards to serious DNR issues check out his reaction to the swan issue on Tichigan lake. Although the DNR did not do a good PR job, they did attempt to do the right thing ecologically speaking. And, that is exactly what they are supposed to do.

    Then check out the whacky story about someone bonking him on his head as he was leaving his store very late one night (very early in the morning, really… after bar closing time). That was a doozey of story that had no evidence of it being true.
    ughh…..the only thing worse is who Walker may replace him with in order to give that person a huge edge in the special election we’re going to be paying for now…….

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