Scott Walker’s “less regulation” mantra only applies to issues he supports

Apparently Gov. Scott Walker’s 100% in favor of less regulation, except when it comes to wind turbines:

A regulatory reform bill proposed Tuesday by Gov. Scott Walker would place new restrictions on wind development and calls for a special exemption for a Neenah-based businessman and contributor to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign.

The special exemption was granted to businessman and auto dealer John Bergstrom, and the exemption itself involves water quality requirements for a wetland in Brown County that Bergstrom wants to turn into a retail development.

In addition to giving a campaign donor a special exemption to water quality rules, Walker’s bill would require wind turbines to be set back at least 1,800 feet from the nearby properties, a distance that is more restrictive than a recently enacted Public Service Commission rule. requiring large turbines to be built at least 1,250 feet from nearby homes.

I guess Scott Walker’s only in favor of less regulation when it comes to issues he supports, and not as a consistent governing policy. Then again, I don’t suppose anyone should be surprised at Scott Walker’s inconsistency in enforcing his own “less regulation” policy, given his demonstrated willingness to say one thing and do another.


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4 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s “less regulation” mantra only applies to issues he supports

  1. In all fairness, I believe Mr. Bergstrom also contributed to Mayor Barrett’s campaign…he was just playing the odds and didn’t care who wins as long as he had is chips in the game!

  2. Once again you fail to understand what conservatives mean by less regulation. Are you saying that anyone should be able to put a windmill anywhere they want?

  3. forgot, maybe you can explain to me what I haven’t seen in the couple of news articles on this I’ve read: why shouldn’t they be where ever they can be? what is the main complaint about having windmills around? are they loud? stinky? do they emit lethal radiation? why should their location be regulated at all?

    1. Windmills? Oh no, they need to be tightly regulated! Toxic cigarette smoke? Get rid of the ban, people should be able to freely fumigate others (but don’t forget marijuana is evil)! I’ll never understand the logic of some in the Republican party. And for the record, I do not smoke anything of any kind or do any drugs. I just think laws should make sense. I have nothing against smokers smoking in private.

      Perhaps I’d be more sympathetic about windmill noise if I didn’t hear airplanes, trains, and factories every day in my home (and those noises do not ruin my quality of life).

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