” The Semi-Literate Wisconsin Conservative Digest”

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark!

Those are the words of Right Wisconsin editor James Wigderson, lamenting the bumbling WCD’s sponsoring of what Wigderson calls ” an election conspiracy event”. Here’s the basic promo from the WCD:

Likely GOP Candidate Nicholson Appearing at Election Conspiracy Event

I’m a former over the road truck driver so to me a “big rig” has 18 wheels and 13 gears, not bloviating conspiracy mongers seasoned with a dash of paranoid delusion. I must say, Wigderson has been steadfast and frequent with his attacks on Wisconsin Republicans who persist with the savagely corrosive lie that the 2020 presidential election was somehow rigged against, or outright stolen from, Donald Trump. I have no way of knowing if Wigderson is primarily worried about the long term future of his political party, or if he’s genuinely concerned about the psychologically destabilizing effects that continued promulgation of the ” election fraud” madness can and will have on American political, social and civil discourse and behavior, but I’m damn glad he’s staking out the position he has.

If you’re Bob Dohnal over at the semi-literate Wisconsin Conservative Digest this has got to hurt. If I’m not mistaken Dohnal has been a semi-regular commenter here at Blogging Blue, so I’d love to see a comment on what he thinks of Wigderson’s characterization of his publication. Better yet, Bob, let’s do an interview! I’ll give you a call, we’ll talk about the 2020 election, we’ll both record the conversation, and I’ll publish the transcript here!! Or we could even do a Facetime debate about election integrity and post the video.

Come on, Bob! Lets do it! You and me! A one fall, battle royale cage match debate on election integrity. I promise not to come off the top rope with a chair.


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3 thoughts on “” The Semi-Literate Wisconsin Conservative Digest”

  1. It’s not just the “semi-literate Wisconsin Conservative Digest” making these claims. After asking my newly elected WI-05 congressional representative numerous times, over a couple of months if he plans on apologizing to his constituents for feeling their vote shouldn’t be counted I finally received a written reply. Which included such lines as:

    “Foll0owing my review, I had significant concerns with the election conducted in several state, including Wisconsin.”

    “I saw first hand how state legislators were being circumnavigated to implement new and lax voting requirements in the name of the pandemic”

    “During the November 2020 election, 77,000 more people voted in Wisconsin’s 5th district than did in 2016”

    Talk about semi-literate, Fitzgerald even brings up perceived irregularities in the district that got him elected, Why did he take office?

  2. Read the police repot on campaigns: “Stealing Elections” John Fund.
    Debate any time anyplace.
    The conference is about ballot harvesting and Big Tech. has nothing to do with 2020 election.

  3. Dohnal. Your promo says ” how the big rig happened in 2020″. Your comment says the event has nothing to do with the 2020 election. You seem a little confused.

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