Watch the train wreck that was Michele Bachmann’s SOTU response

There’s really no better description for tea Party Rep. Michele Bachmann’s State of the Union response other than “train wreck.” From her inability to look into the correct camera to her extra-heavy eye makeup, Rep. Bachmann proved that she’s not nearly ready for the prime time.

This is a Saturday Night Live skit waiting to be made…


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11 thoughts on “Watch the train wreck that was Michele Bachmann’s SOTU response

  1. “her extra-heavy eye makeup” once again the party of tolerance who is known for their racist viewpoints and oppression now show in all of their glory they are also closet sexist.

    1. LOL

      You’re hardly in any position to judge anyone. As to my comments, they’re factually accurate; that eye makeup looks like it was spraypainted on.

      1. I was going to make the same comment. While it may or may not be factually accurate, it has nothing to do with what you thought about her comments. I thought in this new era of civility we are all supposed to disagree tepidly, not make personal attacks.

        It is also factually accurate to comment that someone is fat, ugly, skinny, etc., but it is rude and indicates a lack of an actual point.

        On several occassions I see comments here about conservatives with bad haircuts, too tan, and now too much makeup. That must mean you don’t have anything worthy to say about their ideas.

  2. It would not be so sad if there was enough critical thinking in the electorate as to have her withdraw. But she reminds me of the street preachers, with their bull horns screaming for Jesus, oblivious as to the civil disturbance they are creating

    1. As opposed to the deep critical thinking involved in “Yes we can” and “Hope and change.”

  3. She just goes right at the stupid people. There aren’t even a few sentences that might appeal to those with more than half a functioning brain.

    Obviously we need education reform if people like this are in charge.

  4. I’d like to make it clear that I’m far from an Obama fan but, what is this? Why would I ever trust the republican party ever again, after living through the years 2000 to 2008? The party that displayed, at the very least, criminal negligence in failing to prevent 9/11. That subsequently created the economic black hole that is the DHS. That launched a bogus “war on terror” all over the world, while fear mongering at home. That engaged in terror and torture campaigns abroad. That knowingly launched an illegal war based on false information. That relentlessly attacked constitutional protections by passing the Patriot Acts.

    Apparently the whole Tea Party platform is something like, “See? Obama can’t fix the mess we made. Only WE can fix the mess we made.” I need more than that. I think the Tea Party needs to prove that it’s current crop of legislators are capable of fulfilling their promises, until then I shouldn’t hear a peep from them, because they’re so busy, working.

    I’d vote for anyone who can demonstrate their ability to legislate in the interests of the majority of it’s citizens, rather than those of the oligarchic, plutocratic minority.

    Unfortunately, that is extremely rare.

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