Blogging Blue’s Scott Walker hotline!

Gov. Scott Walker
Earlier today it came to light that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker – who won’t take calls from Wisconsin’s State Senate Democrats or Wisconsin’s citizens – will most definitely take calls from billionaires with the last name Koch (and for 20 minutes, no less), so I thought we’d have a little fun at Gov. Walker’s expense.

Since Gov.Scott Walker will take calls from secretive billionaires who bankroll his attacks on Wisconsin middle class families, but he won’t take calls from Wisconsinites, Blogging Blue has set up an extra voice mail for the Governor, just to take calls from “average folks” like you and me. If you’d like to call Gov. Walker and leave him a message, you can call him toll free at 1-888-882-7921 and leave your message.

Call now and let Gov. Scott Walker know what you really think about his assault on Wisconsin public employees and the middle class!”

Ed. Note: Here’s some of the calls we’ve received thus far:


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25 thoughts on “Blogging Blue’s Scott Walker hotline!

  1. Governor Walker,
    100 years from now, No one will remember what kind of car you drove or how big your house was; you have already earned your place in American history. The question is: do you want to be remembered as the despot and tyrant that waged ware on the American middle class or as a statesman that bridged the gap of a budget crisis while maintaining dignity and respect for your citizens? The choice is yours, make it a great day, or not.

  2. Giving cities the right to decide “if” they wish to hear an employees greivence is not in the employer manual. The grievance allows for peaceful resolution. With out it an employee who has faced sexual discrimination can just go to the EEOC and let them decide. Now if I were the employer, I could have only wished I would have been allowed to settle this before it went so far.

  3. Hello Governor Walker- Did you watch the Fox news telecast discussing your true motivations for the Budget Repair bill? We all know the reasons. Here’s the thing… just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Please exhibit some integrity and back off of this bill.

  4. Your not fooling anyone, your a union buster! How much will you make working for Koch or his cronies after your one term!!!

  5. Thanks for selling our state to billionaires. It’s great that we little people don’t matter anymore. Is this really what Wisconsin has become – a pawn for out of state billionaires?

  6. Public employees, the ones who plow the roads, teach our kids, put out fires etc. raise the bar for private sector employees. The competitive wage concept, would not exist without the unions so expect everyone’s standard of living to go down when the unions are gone. And FYI, those public employees are not getting wealthy. The real wealthy just got a $145,000,000 tax cut in WI thanks to Governor Walker. There are wealthy in our state who have NEVER paid income tax, so it amazes me when I hear people bashing our teachers! Do you really expect the quality of our teachers to go up if their pay is frozen because the Governor needs the money elsewhere? If unions are silenced there will no longer be a democratic voice to balance the scales. The wealthy will continue to contribute to the right so they can enjoy their tax breaks forever, while the rest of us work ourselves to death and never get ahead.

    The whole idea here is to pit the working class people against each other–if the union and non-union, public and private employees are all shouting at each other, they won’t hear what is really happening: all of the working class will make less and have no voice, while they continue to pay the taxes that support our state and country. The wealthiest will continue to pay little or nothing and I don’t understand why that is OK with some people.

  7. Erik, at this point I’m not sure Walker will have a financial future with the Koch machine. Although the Kochs are still funneling money into efforts to prop him up, Walker has brought national attention to their previously secretive actions. I can’t see them being grateful to Walker for that.

  8. walks like a weasel, talks like a weasel,looks like a weasel,it probably is a weasel. let them tave there barganing rigths. we want you recalled. i didnt vote for you and never will

  9. Gov (Hitler) Walker, You have got to go NOW I along with the other citizens that believe in the collective bargianing rights will see you OUT in 2012 along with your puppet masters Koch Brothers and all the other republicans who side with you!!!

    1. Gov (Hitler) Walker…

      No. Not that. Please. As much as we all despise Weasel’s disgusting attack on the middle class and the poor at the behest of billionaires, and will fight it to the bitter end (and beyond), he’s not plotting a literal genocide of millions of Jews or anybody else. So stop!

        1. That was still uncalled for. I think Walker is a lot of things but he isn’t anything like that. It’s an extreme comparison.

  10. Now nationally both the professional and labor unions have evaluated the threat…and they are responding…

    The Public Safety, police, fire and EMS will be Governor Walker’s next targets.
    Governor Walker wants to divide and conquer our public servants, simple as that…

    First they came for the teachers, public nurses and county employees who plow the snow…then next they will come for the police, firefighters and EMS folks…

    Then they came for me…


  11. You’re not being dense; it’s your chance to leave the message you’d leave for Gov. Walker if you could actually get ahold of him on his actual voicemail.

    I’m going to be compiling the voicemails folks have left onto a website so folks can listen to what their fellow citizens have to say to Gov. Walker.

  12. GOV. Walker, I think your doing a great job. now let’s clean up this mess and get those democrats back to work where they belong or start supending with out pay same with the teachers. keep pushing and get Wisconsin out of the RED.

  13. Wisconsin in the red? Have you been in the elevator? They are not in the red. Of all the states they are in the best of shape! By the way, take your 401K and contribute it to walker and turn in your socialized medicare.

  14. Thanks for waking up all American working people. I couldn’t have done better myself! Don’t ya know the more ya push us down the harder we will fight back, thats just natural. We are all just sick and tired of bein sick and tired. You Republicans took from us when you raided the Federal treasury and lost over 20 million jobs and our savings and held my social security for 2 years and I didn’t do anything to hurt the country but you got bonuses you could live a lifetime on. Ya just fooled us one time too many when ya demanded everything, all the wealth that money can buy then ya asked for our rights. Not for sale at any price. That’s the difference between you and us!!

  15. I’ve lived in Wisconsin, within 50 miles of Madison, all my life. My grandparents had to fight for the right to have legitimate labor unions; Wisconsin workers died in that struggle. My parents generation, those who grew up during the Great Depression, had to fight to maintain their labor rights, as the right wing continued to periodically attack unions. We all knew that the middle class life we had was the result of union representation. We have a duty to our parents and grandparents that cannot be compromised. Period. We have a duty to our children to preserve the rights of working class Americans, protecting the next generation’s means of working their way into the middle class.

    Do you want to be citizens who have a chance at a decent life, or do you want to become complete slaves to corporate masters? It really does come down to that now.

  16. I realize this may not be apropos; however…
    “I just cain’t hep myself…”

    Whenever or wherever, I see our good Governor Walker, his beautiful “eye message” always says…
    I’ve just done two “doobies”…

    Hey…TV, newspaper, internet, on this site, hell in person…!
    I gotta apologize to you, gov…

    So what’s the truth…?

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