How many will they get?

I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised, but Dave Westlake, the arch-conservative “tea party” Republican who got crushed by Ron Johnson in the 2010 Republican U.S. Senate primary, is organizing an event supporting Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to take away collective bargaining rights from Wisconsin’s public employees. I never pegged Westlake as a rabidly anti-union guy (clearly I was wrong), but apparently he wholeheartedly supports Gov. Walker’s attempts to take away the collective bargaining rights of public employees.

The goal of the event Westlake is organizing is to get 60,000 people to show up and voice their support for Gov. Walker, but I’m betting turnout will be significantly less than that, so let’s have a little fun predicting just how many folks will show up in Madison on Saturday to support Gov. Scott Walker:

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98 thoughts on “How many will they get?

  1. If Westlake was A teacher promising kids A day off of school he would have thousands of sheep following him to

      1. I doubt it too. This rally is on a Saturday so no kid would go. Also, the kids would be punished if they went to a taxpayer rally on a weekday (teachers no likey).

    1. Nah, this isn’t a moneymaking venture at all; this is just a way to keep his name “out there” for his inevitable 2012 U.S. Senate run.

      It’s a shame though; I hoped Westlake was more reasonable than he’s shown himself to be.

      1. Of course Westlake has ulterior motives. It couldn’t possible be because he believes in this. And Russ Feingold’s motivation for showing up is purely altruistic, right?

        1. If westlake stood up for what he says he stands up for, then he would be there on the side of his friends and neighbors the state workers. BUT since the ‘tea party” was just a tool for the republican party, they are using him to bring people to madison to do the WMC bidding.

  2. who cares if 5 or 50000 show up, what does it matter? The union thugs got 15000 of their sheep to go to Madison and what good did it do, once the cowards who call themselves Democrats return to Madison the bill will get approved and its over. The unions have made complete asses out of themselves these past few days and the support for them among the people of Wis has gotten smaller and smaller, while they have had a good number of sheep appear at their rallies it is not the common joe down there standing shoulder to shoulder, they are just the hysterical union sheep ranting and raving, they do not have the support they think they have and they will not get any concessions like the 14 idiots want. Its over, your embarrassing your self on the national stage and you are all do stupid to realize it.

    1. “union thugs”
      “complete asses”
      “hysterical union sheep”

      That’s a lot of insults packed into a 152 word comment.

      I’d love to hear you explain why exactly the folks who’ve gathered to exercise their Constitutionally-protected First Amendment rights are thugs and sheep, yet the tea party folks who gathered in 2010 weren’t.

      1. These insults are pretty tame compared to what those union folks (whatever you want to call them), have been spewing out in their protests the last few days. Apparently daring to disagree with them is not a First Amendment right.

        1. Case in point:

          “Tensions occasionally flared between protesters and staffers attempting to make their way to offices and the Senate. Even a staffer from Democratic state Sen. Julie Lassa’s office was subjected to chants from protesters. The staffer stopped them by identifying herself, but was visibly shaken, tearing up as she entered an elevator.

          Walker supporter and University of Wisconsin-Madison student Emilie Steavpack said some protesters taunted and slapped her.”

          1. Teachers say it’s “all about the kids” until they no longer decide to teach and don’t show up for work. Then when they see a student who thinks for herself and disagrees with them, they taunt her. So much for the tolerant, open-minded left. A classy bunch.

      2. Teachers who should be teaching children calling in sick when they are not, most of the people protesting are doing so on the orders of union leadership, the sign that has Scott Walker in a crosshair, 14 so called adults running away from their elected duites, schools being closed because teachers are calling in sick when they are not sick, which makes them liars and not the kind of people most Wisconsites want teaching their children. Yeah I would say all of the descriptions were right on the money non of them were insults.

  3. I guess taxpayers should just be expected to keep footing the bill for these benefits and shut about it. The question is, why do you place a greater value on the pocketbooks of public sector employees (who won’t be losing their jobs) over middle-class private sector workers who may be out of work and also have families to care for?

    1. I know we’ve had this discussion before, but this isn’t about benefits; it’s about collective bargaining rights.

      1. Well now wait just a minute Zach. I have seen plenty of stories where employees say they are protesting the financial hit they will take, because they will not be able to afford their mortgage or whatever expense, so don’t say this isn’t about the benefits. Had Walker only proposed the benefits cuts, I will not believe that your unions would have welcomed that with open arms without any protests, because that has never been the case in the past (they made a stink over the furloughs, remember?).

        Also, it was just posted on here a comment from Rep. Pocan about how the budget deficit is a work of fiction perpetuated by Walker. If you believe that to be true, there would be no reason for benefits cuts, so why would you tolerate them?

        You better get all the talking points in agreement, because it’s not adding up.

        1. blah blah blah.

          These aren’t “talking points;” these are my experiences. This isn’t about benefits for me, because as I’ve noted before I’m already paying 5.8% towards my pension. Perhaps I spoke too generally, but while there’s no denying some folks are concerned about the financial effects this will have on them, the much bigger concern here is the collective bargaining issue.

          As to your point about me tolerating “benefit cuts” (I’m assuming you mean increased pension and health care payments), I’m willing to pay more towards my health care coverage because I recognize that my health insurance premiums are pretty low.

          1. But if there’s no budget deficit, do you still think members should have to pay more?

            I understand your point that benefit contribution increases aren’t a big deal to you because you are already paying (am I correct in understanding the pension contribution increases would have no affect on you then?). I do appreciate you recognizing that the premiums are low and a great contribtuion is appropriate. But my understanding is that a good number now paying 0% for pension and they also have low health premiums, yet I have heard them say it is an outrage that they have to give up this benefit. Given your personal situation, I can see how the other stuff is a bigger deal to you.

  4. Public sector employees would still be allowed to collectively bargain on wages, but not on health-care or pension plans.

    Raises would be tied to the inflation rate, unless the state’s voters deemed the employees worthy of larger raises.

    Public sector employees would have to pay slightly higher rates for their health care and other benefits, but those rates would remain lower than those of the average private sector employee.

    Public sector employees would be required to pay 12.6 percent of their health-care premiums; they currently pay about 6 percent.

    Public sector employees would have to contribute 5.8 percent of their salaries to their pensions under Walker’s plans; currently some pay nothing. From 2000 to 2009, public sector employees paid $55.4 million into a pension system that cost $12.6 billion.

    1. You conveniently left out the parts about unions not being able to collectively bargain anything other than wages, in addition to the provision that unions must re-certify every year. Both provisions have nothing to do with fiscal issues and everything to do with weakening the unions.

        1. forgot ask the 26 million unemployed/underemployed, ask the 50 million uninsured, ask the 100,000 who have lost their manufacturing jobs due to corporate greed, ask the woman who makes 70% of what the man makes for the same job, ask the guy who got fired because his boss didnt like him, should i go on?

          1. Being unemployed has nothing to do with union or non-union. Most manufacturing jobs are union. The woman making 70% for exact same job is a myth you continue to perpetuate. I know plenty of people who don’t have union jobs with great salaries, benefits, etc. Should I go on?

  5. “Tensions occasionally flared between protesters and staffers attempting to make their way to offices and the Senate. Even a staffer from Democratic state Sen. Julie Lassa’s office was subjected to chants from protesters. The staffer stopped them by identifying herself, but was visibly shaken, tearing up as she entered an elevator.

    Walker supporter and University of Wisconsin-Madison student Emilie Steavpack said some protesters taunted and slapped her.”


      1. What about the arrests they had to make?

        I think the union leaders are thugs in part for getting their brainwashed/misguided members all worked up and filled with deliberate misinformation. Most members are not thuggish, but are told to employ thuggish tactics. I believe they are concerned for their families but have blinders on to the bigger picture of what’s going on in the real world economy. They think they are being punished, when in fact this is just an appropriate and necessary step for the folks who receive benefits from their employer, which happens to be the state government.

        1. Clearly the protests have been so out of hand that Madison Police, in an attempt to control the protesters, were handing out brats to protesters the other night.

          Yep, clearly they’re violently rioting like a bunch of thugs.

          1. Zach, there were at least 9 arrests so something had to be happening. How many arrests were there at last year’s Capitol tea party?

            1. At least 9 arrests after 5 days of protests with tens of thousands of folks demonstrating inside and outside the Capitol hardly seems to constitute the riot that some conservatives would have us believe this is.

              Further, I have yet to hear one report of any violent incidents resulting in arrests and charges.

              But hey, if you want to categorize the folks at these protests as thugs, then so be it…I’m sure you’ll find any number of reasons to justify that.

      1. Indoctrinating kids to use in your political cause rather than teaching them in school. Nice.

          1. I’d choose homeschooling any day over a public school where teachers don’t show up to do their jobs.

  6. Obviously you fear that children will learn the best civics course lesson in their life. I believe the Taliban don’t allow girls and women the right to be educated.

    This lesson teaches them how to protest against an oppressive Bill that strips people of their rights. What pure blooded American wouldn’t want that for their kids.

    So yes indoctrination into learning your duties and rights as a citizen of the United States of America is AWESOME! I applaud these families as I applaud the courage our forefathers had when they organized and fought for their rights.

    Silly you – you can’t see the conundrum you are in. We still live in USA. Move if you must – there are despots in other countries where it sounds like you would feel more comfortable living. Take the Governor with you – see if he likes it.

    1. A 3+ day civics lesson? If you think it is so important, take them out there for an hour on a Saturday so they can march around and carry a sign and yell and scream. What duties and rights are they learning? I hope these same people take their kids to the voting booth with them and down to the city clerk’s office when they have to pay their taxes.

        1. Good for you showing them then voting is an important right and responsibility PP!

          But duties and responsibilities include paying taxes, so they should probably see that side of the coin too.

    2. Is part of the lesson you want your kids to witness is having them see doctors commit fraud?

      “Doctors hand out notes excusing protestors for illness”

      I guess the ends justify the means and no one should ever have to face any consequences. No rules apply, eh? It’s one thing if you believe they are out there standing up for themselves by protesting, but sometimes they are consquences for doing the right thing (as you see it anyway).

      o you all even excuse the behavior by these doctors? Despicable. Despicable behavior by these doctors as well as the employees who took them up on their offer and took these fraudlent notes.

  7. But the Govenor probably wont – he is a Type A personality. Plus he like to be the one that calls the shots to destroy people.

    You on the other hand will fit right in. If the guy is an even bigger despot – you like him better and you will support him more.

    You could start a blog there just so we can write to you and see how you are doing. Call it …

    See you there!

    1. Hey Bob, where is the civility liberals and the media were preaching last month? Now a bill comes up by an elected governor and legislature and you call them despots and dictators. I’m sorry, but if that is this supposed civics lesson, those kids aren’t learning much. Teach them these are elected representatives by the people. You have the right to be against their actions, but knock it off with this despot garbage.

      You say Walker calls the shot to destroy people. How was Doyle not calling the shots to destroy people when he did nothing to get us out of this mess, other than raise taxes and spending? Doyle is the one who fiddled while these problems got worse and worse.

  8. “There have been reports of threats against lawmakers throughout the week, and Fitzgerald was escorted out of the building by sheriff deputies.”

    1. Also, at least one State Senator and his staff could not work out of their office this week due to specific threats against him and I don’t even think he is voting for the bill. Maybe the ones making those threats didn’t get their hands on one of those PEACE BRATS. I bet all they needed was a hug from a Madison cop.

  9. “There have been reports of peaceful demonstrations by Educators and Union members at the State house all week, and with the largest numbers ever recorded, Police are still supporting them and feeding them.”

  10. And see Democrats are no different than Republicans when they see the need to take legal action.

    And in 1994, Republican members of the California Assembly refused to show up for floor sessions in an effort to prevent Democrats from electing Willie Brown as speaker with less than a majority vote.
    The walkout by Democratic senators in Wisconsin, preventing a vote quorum on the contentious budget bill, can be added to a string of what might appear to be extreme actions to make a point.

    Abe Lincoln Did it TOO in 1839.

    You have to love the American Political Process, but understand it – before you call other people names. See the Democrats are heroes now!!

    1. On Dec. 5th, 1840 an Illinois Legislator jumped from the Capitol to avoid a quorum of the House of Representatives. That legislator? HONEST ABE LINCOLN, savior of the Union!

    1. So do you think Abe Lincoln is a coward for refusing to do what he was elected to do? It seems to me that’s what you’re saying.

  11. Saw this post at a fourm, “A lot of red down there…figures the boneheads wouldn’t think anyone would associate the color red with communists…but that is what the protesters are at heart; communists….sad but true.”


  12. Did he run and HIDE? Did he talk to reporters form an UNDISCLOSED LOCATION? Did he act like a 5-year-old like these 14 are doing? TO compare what Mr Lincoln did and what these 14 yo-yos are doing is an nsult to Mr Lincoln.

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