Protesters remain at Capitol despite 4 p.m. deadline

Despite the state Capitol closing at 4 p.m. at the order of Gov. Scott Walker, several hundred protesters are still inside the Capitol, vowing to remain and face the possibility of arrest.

Here’s some photos of protesters forming a human chain outside the Capitol; I’ll try to have some photos from inside the Capitol very soon,

Ed. Note: Here’s a photo from inside the Capitol:


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13 thoughts on “Protesters remain at Capitol despite 4 p.m. deadline

    1. The rumor about Sen. Schultz is just a rumor…until it’s confirmed I don’t buy it, and until two more Republican Senators change their minds, it doesn’t matter what Schultz does.

  1. I would be ashamed to have a police force like Madison that are to afraid to do their job and arrest these lazy union deadbeats. With the first on the month coming most of the protesters will have to leave to go pickup their welfare checks for the month, you know they would miss their entitlement money, they have to have their monthly funds to buy their drugs, cigarettes and booze that are the staple of the entitlement democrats, plus I am sure a few of them have abortions scheduled first of the month is always a good time for democrats to kill a few babies.

    1. Your entire entry contributes absolutely NOTHING to the discourse here, and it’s a perfect example of why you’re quickly earning a one-way trip out of here.

      If you can’t post something halfway intelligent without resorting to insults/insulting stereotypes, then don’t bother visiting any more.

  2. Zach,

    I strongly disagree with you. I think Notalib is an accurate representative of both the character and intelligence of the conservative worldview.

    I wish he’d comment more often.

    1. i have to agree with Steve. Since the hate talk radio triumverate holds so much sway with the current republican party, it is helpful to have one of their typical listeners always commenting.

  3. It is the capitol police who control the capitol, not the Madison police. If you’re going to be obtuse at least get your facts straight.

    1. It’s also Capitol Police who provide Gov. Walker’s security force, and they’re far from being afraid to do their jobs.

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