Random Thoughts from Madison

While it has been used before and it tends to be cliché, nowhere has the saying “the most dangerous place in America is between Scott Walker and a TV Camera.”, been more relevant. He owes the Fitzgerald brothers big time for them taking the heat and helping to make him a TV star.

Every time that Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Robin Vos, et al… make fun and diminish the protestors, they are diminishing the contributions of nurses, police, firefighters, teachers, social workers, TAA’s, etc… They need to stop and they owe the people of Wisconsin an apology.

Anyone who says that the protesters have “trashed the Capitol” is lying. I have personally witnessed people walk across the street and buy garbage bags and bring them back and clean up. Signs are allowed in the capitol but sticks are NOT. So people pile up their signs on sticks at the entrances. Someone took a picture of that and distributed it as “proof”. She was being intellectually dishonest, not sure how someone like that can be a professor. Maybe she is making the case that the UW system needs to be reformed.

Anyone who says that the protesters are thugs or that there are riots, etc… Also needs to stop. This is an incredibly peaceful protest. I have yet to see anyone with a rifle or a gun or even a sign “we came unarmed – this time”.

One good thing to come out of this, is it shows how truly irrelevant the “tea party” is. After much money and planning went into them making a “huge presence” on Saturday, they got all of 2000 people out of the 70,000 people who were there. I think that about says it all.

Most of the people, who are complaining that so many of the protestors are from out of state, marched around the capitol on Saturday following the right wing vermin Tim Phillips and Andrew Breitbardt around. Think about it…

It never gets old when the firefighters make a procession through the crowd playing drums and bagpipes with their signs of support!

I know that there have been a few(and very few) I personally have not witnessed a single, fight, altercation, argument or “Walker is Hitler” sign.

Some of my favorite signs: “I wanted to screw my teacher too”. “teach me how to budget”, “I like more talk before you screw me”, “Scott, cant we be friends with benefits?”., “If you screw us, we multiply”. They have been more creative by the day!

As fun as some of the signs are, is there anything more inspiring than the picture of the protestors in Egypt standing with WI?

They tried to adjourn until Tuesday when they figured all would be back at the capitol. They were greeted this morning by the firefighters and the Steel Workers. That’s awesome!

I hope the 14 heroic Senators stay away for as long as it takes!!

They have raised close to $300,00 since they left. Standing up for what is right sure pays off.

Say what you want about Jesse Jackson and I get it, but compare his body of work to that of Tim Phillips and Andrew Breitbardt.

People from 50 states and 12 countries have called in orders for Pizza to Ian’s Pizza alone to show their support. Calls are coming into numerous other food and coffee businesses around the Capitol. FYI- Ian’s Pizza is awesome!

It’s great to see the signs in all of the stores around the Capitol showing support for state workers and understanding who their customers are. They are being rewarded for their support.

I know it never gets reported but Public Employees pay into their healthcare and pension already. O yeah(unlike 2 out of 3 companies in WI), they pay taxes also.

It has not been reported but when they say they gave the public a chance to speak to the bill they are lying there also. People have been testifying non-stop, as in they have not stopped, since the republicans walked out on the public last week.

Finally for now, anyone who says that we are using our tax dollars to pay people to protest are lying. The vast majority of people protesting and standing up for their rights are taking UNPAID leave and sacrificing to stand up to this horrendous bill.


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14 thoughts on “Random Thoughts from Madison

  1. While I am there with you the number of tea party people the news in Madison is reporting is 5 times your number at around 10,000 Walker supporters.

  2. I was there on Tuesday, when they said there were 10K, and Saturday. There is no way there was 10K Teabaggerpeople on Saturday. No way, unless you count each as five to account for their incredible egos. I saw a few protestors on Saturday who were from out of state,who designated that they were. But everyone I saw, stood next to and asked, “where you from”, was a badger. I would estimate over 100 people.

  3. I agree bucky…Most people I talked to are from WI, and if there are people from out of state who cares? do the koch brothers live here? The whole world is watching WI and realize it is ground zero for the labor battle so they are showing up in droves. How many of the 2000 tea partiers were from WI?

  4. Republican Governor Mitch Daneils said today it’s time to drop the union busting bill in the Indiana legislature. He siad this after state dem lawmakers fled to avoid a quorum. See my earlier comment and the link.

  5. While there were a few distortions in the rant posted here I am not going to waste my time to correct you with real facts, however I will say this, you people can keep protesting as long as you want eventually the 14 cowards are going to come home and the bill will pass and every word of hate every vile protest sign every disgusting graphic picture you came up with is not going to matter. The people of Wisconsin are going to win in the end and progressives are finally going to understand this is no longer your state to abuse as you have been,the taxpayers have had enough of your free ride.

  6. I think that anyone who tries to compare any Anerican politician to Hitler are idiots and insult the millions of people that that man slaughtered. While we may disagree on peoples politics there is no one in American politics throughout history that desreves that type of comparison.

  7. Nota I would love to hear all of the distortions, since these are some of MY observations from having spent 4 days and nights down there. SInce you were not there, I am sure you can tell me exactly what is happening.

    FYI – I dont condone nor did I say there were not any Hitler signs. what i said was I did not personally see any. I agree with your assessment on Hitler.

  8. I see the 14 FLEEbaggers have been found again hiding in Harvard IL. looks like they will be on the move again soon. The pregnant FLEEbagger who has abandoned her two young childen should be ashamed of herself.

    1. What does her being pregnant have to do with anything, and how exactly did she “abandon” her children? They’re safe and sound at home with parental supervision, so all’s well.

      You really don’t have any limits to the types of attacks you’ll use, do you?

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