9 thoughts on “Walker- Turning Wisconsin Bluer….One vote at a Time!

  1. If they are turning progressive because of this issue they were never conservatives, the unions have a large following, but the taxpayers in this state who pamper them have a bigger following and have lost patience with their free ride, this bill will pass, and more strong cuts will follow, people are going to have to learn to live within their means and may have to go without,but when a state is broke you just can’t keep entitlement and special interest groups as a priority any-longer, Dems need to learn this accept this and get on the correct side of the issues.

  2. Notalib,

    Glad to see you’ve come out of your coma. I hope your recovery continues.

    While you were unconscious it’s been reported by everybone from Forbes magazine to the Washington Post that this has nothing to do with the budget. It’s just a brazen Walker/Fitzgerald/Koch attack on unions and the social fabric of our state.

    Good to have you back.

  3. Daytona 500 was on this weekend some of real importance, and I had gotten bored with the whining by the left over having to pay their fair share.And if this move breaks up the state unions GREAT, all they are a political action groups and not really unions and to call unions the social fabric of this state is comical, they are a small portion.

  4. Steve don’t really care if you do or don’t understand. But I know it gets you all excited to respond with your comments to me because by golly you are really sticking it to that dumb ass conservative aren’t you. hahahahaaha

    1. Some of us just find your contempt for understandability curious, Notalib, since most people who participate in conversations do in fact care that the other party understands them. If you don’t care, why do you post here? Just to make your fellow conservatives look bad? By golly, perhaps you’re a crypto-liberal after all. hahahahaaha

  5. Actually I do enjoy reading most of the far left post on this blog most of them are well thought out and have a point, Steve just does not like me and only post to try and get my goat, but sadly for him I have been doing this messaging stuff since the day of the 300 baud modem and fidonet, I have seen his type over and over, I did let him get to me once recently but I will not overact again to his taunts.

    1. If there was anyway to have a reasonable conversation Nota, I’d be happy to try. But after two straight years of the most ludicrous and hostile political discourse I’ve ever seen, a guy just gives up after awhile.

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