So about those doctors…

I’ve read multiple accounts of the doctors in attendance at the rallies in Madison last week and how those doctors were handing out sick notes to those in attendance. While I’ve obviously been extremely supportive of the folks who’ve gathered by the tens of thousands at the Capitol in Madison to show their support for Wisconsin’s public employees, I simply can’t condone the actions of any doctors who handed out “sick notes” to those in attendance at the rallies.

What the doctors who handed out sick notes did was stupid and wrong, and it only reinforces all the negative things that so many on the right have to say about public employees, a group of folks who are, by and large, hardworking and dedicated public servants.

You can read another take on this over at Caffeinated Politics.


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13 thoughts on “So about those doctors…

  1. Zach,

    I’ve called you out when I’ve thought you are wrong. So It’s only fair that I give you credit when you are correct. You’re analysis is spot on. The fake sick notes undermines everything the unions are trying to accomplish.

    Anon, The Docs they have identified where staff doctors at UW Madison. I think they thought they we’re helping. I don’t think its some big Tea Party plan to sway public opinion because the docs can and should face criminal penalties for their actions. The fact is they broke the law, Doctors are required under Wisconsin law to maintain duplicate copies of all patient records for 5 years. That was not done.

    Likewise, I don’t think it would be that difficult to establish charge them with a conspiracy to commit fraud, since the reason the were doing it was to enable “sick workers” to be paid for skipping School.

    Teachers pretending to be sick to skip school. I wish I had that to hold over their heads when I was in highschool. I would have received far fewer detentions.

  2. I also concur. Openly making such a mockery of the “doctor’s note” is dispicable, and only reinforces the notion that such a mob mentality must be squashed.

  3. Teachers who accepted those notes have lost all credability in the classroom and should be terminated. What a classless dispay by these people both the doctors writing the notes and those willing to take them.

  4. Zach, thank you for having intergrity in your opposition.

    I know you said you can’t condone the doctors beavior, but the teachers who accepted them are just as bad as the doctors who wrote them. Why would you believe them to be “hardworking and dedicated public servants” when they are so quick to lie to save themselves? Are we to believe they teach our children to be fine upstanding citizens? Oh that’s right, no moral values or judgements can be in schools anymore.

    1. I wrote, “a group of folks who are, by and large, hardworking and dedicated public servants.

      Notice the emphasis on by and large? Though I’m a union guy, I freely admit there are bad apples in every bunch, and public employees are no exception.

      1. Yes I agree with “by and large”, but my point was that the comments focused on the doctors, not the teachers who accepted the notes. News stories said the doctors wrote hundreds of notes. Somebody had to be taking the notes.

        1. There were only a few doctors found according to what I’ve looked at: Some of them were sting operations thus why only Pro-Walker people got them, and why a lot of skepticism is surrounding it.

          1. Do you have any proof of these alleged sting operations? Are you saying Walker just so happened to think of setting people up on the very same day doctors were doing the exact same day? Were they handing out notes over on the grassy knoll?

            Dr. Lou Sanner handed out medical excuse notes to hundreds of protesters.
            Reporter asked, “Do you think you could get in trouble?” Dr. Kathy Oriel said, “Certainly, we think its worth the risk to support the people, and we feel very strongly these are officials who would really like to be in school, and in their classes, but they’re put in a position where they really have no choice.”

            I use the term “Dr.” very loosely with these 2 individuals. Were they part of this supposed sting operation?

  5. I saw those guys on Saturday. I thought they were kidding and holding a sign that I found quite funny. Someone actually took them up on it and they did it? What the hell?

    I also smell setup, but even if not, I’m hoping those notes weren’t taken seriously. And anyone that conflates this into a bigger thing has an even weaker case than I think Walker-supporters already do

  6. Jake are you trying to say that the majority of this state does not supprt Scott Walkers plan? Don’t be fooled by the number of protesters it has been proven that a good number of them are beig brought in from outside the state, their opinons have no bearing on this issue. Listen to the people in this state and you hear resounding support for Scott Walker.

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