Jeff Stone follows Chris Abele’s lead

Let’s just be clear about one thing: Jeff Stone is a follower, not a leader.

When he announced his candidacy to succeed Scott Walker as Milwaukee County Executive, Stone said he’d “adhere closely to Walker’s formula” if elected to succeed Walker, so it should come as no surprise that in keeping with the fact that he’s a follower – not a leader – Jeff Stone is following Chris Abele’s lead in calling for the Milwaukee County Board reject a new tax on private businesses at General Mitchell International Airport.

On Monday Abele called on Milwaukee County Board officials to reject plans for a new tax and increased fees at the Airport, plans that would cost airport users approximately $500,000 annually.

“Milwaukee County has a world-class airport with tremendous growth. We need to harness and encourage that growth. Growth means more businesses create more jobs and provide more options to Milwaukee County taxpayers. We should encourage that, not stifle it,” said Abele.

Shortly after Abele voiced his disapproval of the plan, Stone chimed in issued a statement voicing his opposition to the new tax on businesses at the airport.

Jeff Stone has made a career in elected office out of following the lead of others, and Milwaukee County’s residents deserve more than a follower in their next County Executive.


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