Randy Hopper hires veteran GOP operative to run which campaign?

Apparently embattled (and that’s putting it mildly) Republican State Senator Randy “bed” Hopper isn’t going to give up the seat he holds without a fight, as he has hired a veteran Republican operative as his campaign manager, Jeff Harvey, a veteran of Republican campaigns, most recently worked on the election of Republican Congressman Dave Reichert of Washington state and previously served as coalitions director for the campaign of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

No doubt Jeff Harvey has his work cut out, given the multitude of issues Sen. Hopper faces as the very real possibility of a recall election looms in his immediate future.


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1 thought on “Randy Hopper hires veteran GOP operative to run which campaign?

  1. Hopper is in an ironic campaign mode – hiding from the public – and hiring GOP operatives and raising money; check out the next quarterly GAB finance report.

    I was in Fondy, and believe me the appreciation for those who protect and serve, teach, clean, and treat is very high.

    Hopper like Walker thinks he can do anything. He’s very wrong.

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