Topic of the Week: recall elections

There are now recall efforts underway against all 16 Wisconsin State Senators who are eligible by law to be recalled, so I thought we’d talk about those efforts.

Personally I see recall elections against Republican Sens. Dan Kapanke, Randy Hopper, and Alberta Darling being successful, giving Democrats back control of the State Senate.


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8 thoughts on “Topic of the Week: recall elections

    1. That wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I’ve also heard the Darling recall effort is getting darn close to having the signatures they need.

    1. Yeah, Jeff’s right; Pocan can’t be recalled until next year, and I highly doubt he’d be successfully recalled, given the makeup of his district.

  1. Pocan is an assemblyman and cant be recalled until next year, he also represents Madison and is probably sitting on the safest seat except maybe risser. It could be Hansen and Wirch are probably the most vulnerable because that is where the most out of state money is heading.

    I also think Dale Schultz and Luther olsen will face recall elections also. I would not be surprised of Cowles and Lazich also face recalls. I doubt grothman will, but even he is a little scared. That being said if we get 6-7 recall elections i bet we win 4-5 of them. If they get 1-2(which i seriously doubt they will) i bet they don’t win either.

    I was very critical of Mike Tate earlier in the year, we will see if he fields legitimate candidates in each district that we are successful in getting recalls. He has a chance here to really define his tenure.

    1. I’d be shocked if enough signatures were gathered to recall Sen. Lazich. That’s a heavily Republican district, and I just don’t see any effort to recall her gaining any momentum.

  2. RE: Sen. Randy Hopper, while it’s true that the recall is through the roof and will collect enough sigs by the deadline, the campaign is still in full-swing, sig-gathering mode.

    No let up.

    No easing off.

    Full speed ahead.

    110-percent full-contact effort is on and will stay on.

  3. Don’t discount Sheila Harsorf out in River Falls/Menomonie/Hudson. I have some friends out there who say they’re pulling pretty higher numbers on a daily basis.

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