WI GOP Tries to Slime Prominent UW Madison Professor Cronon

UW Madison Professor William Cronon had a very interesting editorial in Monday’s New York Times titled “Wisconsin’s Radical Break.  In the editorial, Dr. Cronon, a historian, provides an interesting historical analysis that clearly shows the extremism of Scott Walker, the Fitzgerald boys and the lemmings in the Republican Party.  As Dr. Cronon, eloquently states:

“But while Americans are aware of this progressive tradition, they probably don’t know that many of the innovations on behalf of working people were at least as much the work of Republicans as of Democrats.”

“The policies that the current governor, Scott Walker, has sought to overturn, in other words, are legacies of his own party.”

“Mr. Walker’s conduct has provoked a level of divisiveness and bitter partisan hostility the likes of which have not been seen in this state since at least the Vietnam War. Many citizens are furious at their governor and his party, not only because of profound policy differences, but because these particular Republicans have exercised power in abusively nontransparent ways that represent such a radical break from the state’s tradition of open government.”

This well researched and thought out editorial coupled with Dr. Cronon’s analysis of the eminence grise behind the Republican legislation in Wisconsin and elsewhere, as published in his recently blog posting – “Who’s Really Behind Recent Republican Legislation in Wisconsin and Elsewhere? (Hint it didn’t start here) – has led the nasty Republican power brokers in this state to go on the warpath against Dr. Cronon with  a FOIA attack requesting all of his e-mails related to the postings according to the Daily Kos.  The reactionary WI GOP has yet again gone over the cliff and bitten off more than they can handle in their rabid anti-people powered approach to governing.

Dr. Cronon has responded with an eloquent blog posting “Abusing Open Records to attack Academic Freedom”  that I hope will be read by many far and wide to  show yet again what extremist thugs the WI GOP has become under the leadership of Scott Walker and his tea party minions.





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2 thoughts on “WI GOP Tries to Slime Prominent UW Madison Professor Cronon

  1. The republican party and poor pitiful stephen Thompson are now the “VICTIMS” – seriously!


    “Like anyone else who makes an open records request in Wisconsin, the Republican Party of Wisconsin does not have to give a reason for doing so.

    “I have never seen such a concerted effort to intimidate someone from lawfully seeking information about their government.

    “Further, it is chilling to see that so many members of the media would take up the cause of a professor who seeks to quash a lawful open records request. Taxpayers have a right to accountable government and a right to know if public officials are conducting themselves in an ethical manner. The Left is far more aggressive in this state than the Right in its use of open records requests, yet these rights do extend beyond the liberal left and members of the media.

    “Finally, I find it appalling that Professor Cronin seems to have plenty of time to round up reporters from around the nation to push the Republican Party of Wisconsin into explaining its motives behind a lawful open records request, but has apparently not found time to provide any of the requested information.

    “We look forward to the University’s prompt response to our request and hope those who seek to intimidate us from making such requests will reconsider their actions.”

    Some things you just cant make up!

  2. I read both Professor Cronon’s NY Times op/ed and his response to the Republican Party FOIA request. In both pieces he offers advice to the GOP on how to avoid their own self destruction, and how do they respond? By first holding their breath until they turn blue, then to shriek at the very top of their lungs and stomp their feet. In other words, just like babies. It really makes you wonder if they have any adults in charge there.

    But I will caution anybody who rises to defend the actions of the state GOP; read Professor Cronon’s articles IN FULL before coming here. They are not for those with short attention spans.

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