Walker’s attempts to stifle free speech, assembly don’t trump the Constitution

Just a couple of quick notes this morning…

  • This is worth a read…
  • While Gov. Walker has made every effort to attempt to keep the Capitol closed to protesters, a pesky document called the Wisconsin State Constitution mandates that the Capitol stay open to the public:

    The doors of each house shall be kept open except when the public welfare shall require secrecy.

    I’m not exactly sure why Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans seem to think the rules don’t apply to them, but unless they want to amend the state Constitution they can’t just close the Capitol simply because they’re tired of Wisconsinites voicing opinions that run contrary to Republicans.


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27 thoughts on “Walker’s attempts to stifle free speech, assembly don’t trump the Constitution

  1. Would you provide a link to the story, which states that it was Walker that gave the order to lock down the Capital?

    1. True, but considering he openly admitted he considered planting troublemakers within the crowed and plainly dismissed all of their concerns with a derogatory remark (right or wrong that prank call showed his true colors) this would seem mild compared to what he’s willing to do to silence the protesters.

      1. We can speculate what Walker may be willing to do or not but it was my understanding that the Capital was closed because of an “incident.” I did not see anything specifically linking the order to close the capital to order.

        We now know that the incident was the discovery of 41 rounds of live ammunition. Under such circumstances and for public safety is it not critical that the police conduct a secuirty check?


        1. What kind of a numbnuts loses 41 rounds of live .22 caliber ammunition. Seriously. It’s almost an entire box, which come in quantities of 50.

          I’d check for Andrew Breitbarts fingerprints.

    2. Maybe Super Id can provide a link to anywhere that shows that anyone in the Walker administration has the authority to prohibit citizen access to the capitol building. What are out of jurisdiction cops doing telling Wisconsinites we can’t go into the capitol?

  2. According to the Department of Administration the orders were issued by the “Capitol Police” http://www.doa.state.wi.us/

    Not sure why that would be outside of their jurisdiction. But anyway, 510 individuals have been admitted into the Capitol and when one leaves another individual may enter. One in one out.

    1. ” Not sure why that would be out of their jurisdiction”.

      The cops on the ground weren’t the capitol police. Do the facts matter to you? I don’t see a name on the DOA website statement. Doesn’t protocol require that a commanding officer sign off on such things?

      Does Mike Huebsch have authority to implement policies inconsistent with the state constitution? A Dane County judge didn’t think so.

      Why do you guys defend this indefensible horseshit? This isn’t a sporting event.

    1. It sounds like the Governor will be in contempt of court if he does not open the doors tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Furthermore, have you heard of this fiasco? Hello everyone. Let’s go to earth logic for a minute instead of partisan arguments and justifying it. When they were protesting, they didn’t roll up with lights and sirens blaring on a 100ft. City of Madison firetruck. That would have probably been illegal. Furthermore, what if someone was seriously hurt, like they slipped and fell on some steps, broke their arm or hip? Should we be really be stopping the ambulance in that case?

      The whole damaging the State Capitol though? Is ridiculous. It’s painters tape… As someone that had an uncle who worked in the auto/autobody business and does painting on motorcycle bits. I call malarkey. Furthermore: many of them used blue painter’s tape. Although, I suppose blue painters tape is so dangerous.

      /this is why people are laughing at you. Seriously.

    2. I bet Cari Anne was just saying what her new boss told her to say. Scott Walker is a bully and I do not think he would have any compunction about replacing her. He probably couldn’t fire her from state government altogether–thank a union for that, by the way. But he could move her to a less prestigious position.

  3. love the T shirt….and whoever said it will cost 7+ million to clean up should be immediately fired!!!

    Steve, i agree I am forever in Awe of exactly how much the republicans will overlook and forego to keep the party in power!

    1. Can you imagine the carnage if someone accidentally dropped a roll of painter’s tape? The building would go up like the Hindenburg.

    2. PP, Here’s the bio on the person you want to fire:

      Cari Anne Renlund Chief Legal Counsel of the Wisconsin Department of Administration since September 2007. Previously, Carrie Anne was the Assistant General Counsel to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation from 2004 to 2007. In 2001 she joined DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C. Carrie Anne worked in the Washington D.C. and Chicago offices of the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division beginning in 1995. She worked in U.S. Senator Herb Kohl’s Washington D.C. office in 1994. Carrie Anne received her Bachelor’s Degree from St. Norbert College and her J.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

      Appointed by Doyle and worked for Sen Kohl. Sounds like a Walker Crony.

      PP we’re supposed to overlook live ammunition after what happened in Tucson? It only takes one nut job. A security check was warranted under the circumstances. Adhering to normal business hours is proper as is limiting entrance to a number of individuals that will comply with fire codes. You’re not suggesting that we allow 10,000 people into the rotunda at all hours of the day are you?

    1. “The cops on the ground weren’t the capitol police. Do the facts matter to you? I don’t see a name on the DOA website statement. Doesn’t protocol require that a commanding officer sign off on such things?”

      Of course the facts, matter. Frankly, I don’t know where individual cops are from. I do know, however, that under Wisconsin law, and you can look it up in the the statutes for yourself, “visiting cops” would fall under the jurisdiction where they are requsted to attend.

      It’s my understanding that the DOA signed off on it, I don’t make any representations regarding what protocol requires. If it is such an important question and concern of yours, I would hope that would you research what the protocol is required.

      “Does Mike Huebsch have authority to implement policies inconsistent with the state constitution? A Dane County judge didn’t think so.”

      When you cite a court case, the first rule is to cite check it. Had you done so, you would see, As PP’s March 3, 5:44 pm post shows, the case was assigned to Judge John Albert who ruled that the protestors broke the law by failing to leave the premises. There is no constitutional right to protest in a public building after business hours.

  4. First off I was talking about the $7.5 Million figure only and Yes Cari Ann Renlund should be fired for throwing such an exorbitant figure out. OR at the very least tell us EXACTLY where she got this number from. This is exactly the red meat the Walker brigade has been looking for and she threw it to them.



    I would believe 7500 but not 7.5 mil….Where do you think the retraction will be when it comes? page 16?

    1. It appears that she was given this number by someone else. Mike Huebch perhaps? Even though they lowered their estimate tremendously, I cant seem to find a right wing blogger who issued a retraction. Even BS never did, but many people in the comment section let them have it. kinda shows really bad for the credibility of the blogs that jumped on this number, AND the walker admin. Even Faux and friends needed to jump on the bandwagon….


      I stand by my claim that whoever came up with the $7.5 million figure should immediately be relieved of his/her duties…..

  5. C’mon, Zach. It was a simple mistake.

    Anyone could mistake no damage at all for 7.5 million dollars in damage, and hastily make the ridiculous claim at a court hearing regarding the constitutionality of the Walker administrations unlawful prohibition of citizen access to the capitol building, and without benefit of any qualified expert estimate whatsoever.

    These things just happen sometimes.

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