Are voting irregularities common in Walkersha?

I’m not sure what to make of this, but I figured it would prompt a good discussion….

So, in November of 2004 there were 236K registered voters. In the Spring General Election of 2004 the election results showed the registered voter roll at 233,415. (source) So the county picked up a marginal number of voters for a 1.3% increase in the rolls leading into a BIG Presidential election.

Flash forward to The February 15, 2005 Spring Primary in Waukesha. Over a period of about 3 months the voter roll ballooned from the 236K seen in the November 2004 Presidential Election up to 282,390. (source) So in the 8 months leading into the 2004 Presidential Election there was a marginal 1.3% increase in the rolls netting about 3000 additional new voters. However in the 3 months after the election, which showed an anomalous 97.63% turn out, suddenly the rolls surged to the tune of almost 50,000 new voters and upped the rolls 20%. I suppose that’s one way to even out a suspiciously high turn out.


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11 thoughts on “Are voting irregularities common in Walkersha?

  1. What gets me is this: Nov 2006 Waukesha Election Results.

    In the race for Governor/Lieutenant Governor – 176,112 votes.
    For Attorney General – 174,047 votes.
    Secretary of State – 170,440 votes.

    But the third line from the top …

    BALLOTS CAST – TOTAL. . . . . . . 156,804

    Looking more and more at Waukesha, it makes me uneasy. I’m wondering now if these people who are registered are actually voting or if their names, addresses and identities are simply being used as tools over the years and they were tricked into believing in an invisible enemy known as voter fraud from a minority when it may be their very own polls that are signing their names.

    At first I though Brookfield’s votes were legit. Now I’m not so sure. I’m now not even sure if Waukesha County’s votes are legit period. I do think some are: I do know there is a gap between the republicans and the democrats there. I just think the perceived voter turn out is the real number.

    I think the FBI should check the whole state. This way too shifty and we have to make sure everything is legit on both sides.

        1. I’m just starting to think some of these votes are made up. Could be republicans could be democrats. But for a county to grow that much in 3 months is sketchy. I get the whole registered voters vs. registered to vote that day. I’m just not convinced that many folks in WI weren’t registered then all of a sudden registered just to elect Bush to another term.

          That’s a lot of folks who thought Bush was doing a great job and deserved another term.

  2. But that moron Ed Shultz has declared “nothing to see here”.

    When even self-proclaimed media-superstar “progressives” immediately capitulate and slander anyone that questions the results, we are lost.

    Ed Shultz does not deserve our support.

    If repugs actually believed in their “constitutional” rhetoric and the integrity of our elections, there would be a recount – PERIOD!

    Ed Shultz (you got ed crap) is just another corporate whore – one that sees he can make money being a faux liberal on your tee-vee

  3. I see you also “catapult the propaganda” like ed shultz. No wonder no one comments on your silly little blog – all blue air and no real action.

    So you don’t allow a real dialog – SCREW YOU AND THE CORPORATE INTERESTS YOU COVER FOR!

    This crappy blog is deleted from my bookmarks – no real news here.

    1. joe, what’s your problem?

      If your comment was in reference to the fact that your original comment wasn’t approved right away, I’d note first time comments are moderated; it has nothing to do with not allowing real dialogue.

  4. Is it possible that they added all the 11/2004 same day registrations to the total number of registered voters in the spring 2005 elections but not the fall 2004 elections? It doesn’t make any sense, that they would wait to do that, but I have no doubt that Kathy Nickolaus might screw something like that up.

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