The curious case of Barb Lawton

As Xoff over at Uppity Wisconsin noted, Lt. Governor Barb Lawton got her gubernatorial campaign off to an odd start yesterday, calling the day “Governor Doyle’s day” before filing her paperwork to become a gubernatorial candidate and then announcing her candidacy for Gov. Doyle’s office. If Lt. Gov. Lawton and her staff really felt yesterday truly was “Governor Doyle’s day,” then why couldn’t they have waited a day to announce her candidacy and file her paperwork?

What’s more, as Harris Kane over at the heartland hollar pointed out, why was Lt. Gov. Lawton was just about the only significant Wisconsin Democrat who didn’t issue a statement regarding Gov. Doyle’s decision not to seek reelection?


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2 thoughts on “The curious case of Barb Lawton

  1. I am guessing she filed that day because it was planned in advance with Doyle.
    What could she have said about Doyle’s announcement that couldn’t be twisted into something different by the Walker gang or the WI GOP?
    But, I bet she would have liked to have said “Well, it’s about time.”

    1. kay, I doubt she or her team planned the announcement in advance with Gov. Doyle. It’s been widely speculated that while the Gov. and Lt. Gov. may be on the same team, they’re far from being on the same page.

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