Evers Won’t Issue New Shutdown Order

This is from Urban Milwaukee: Evers Won’t Issue New Shutdown Order

The COVID-19 death toll is slowing down, but the infection is spreading in Wisconsin at the fastest rate in months. And Gov. Tony Evers said Tuesday that while the state is providing resources to combat it, the most direct tools are in the hands of Wisconsin residents, acting voluntarily.

“Folks, we cannot let this trend continue,” Evers said in a telephone news conference with reporters. “We cannot go back.”

Wisconsin is in the midst of “a surge in positive COVID-19 cases,” said Andrea Palm, secretary-designee for the Department of Health Services (DHS). Through Memorial Day, “It took Wisconsin five months to get to approximately 16,500 cases,” she said. “But in just a little over one month, that number has more than doubled.”

As of Tuesday, DHS reported 32,556 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with an average of 556 a day over the last week. To date, the state has recorded 805 deaths from the illness.

Reversing that trend will demand a statewide effort, said Evers and Palm — and, said Evers, it will have to be a voluntary act.

emphasis mine

This was published just about two hours ago…so Governor Evers has wimped out. I will not be endorsing him next time.


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1 thought on “Evers Won’t Issue New Shutdown Order

  1. Evers obviously does not have the authority to order another shut down and he can not force the two ass clowns to do anything. This is where the state media has to pull their heads out of their butts and do their job, which is to let the obvious truth be known. The problem is we are talking about the same people who wouldn’t highlight Scooter’s corruption. Then you have the moron senator Johnson, he is useless. We have all the fools who jumped at the trough to get their free handouts. We have a corrupt Wis Supreme Court. We have become the new “shithole country” as a state. This one is not non Evers. I bet we will be over a 1000 cases a day before the end of July.It is almost like we are addicted to stupidity.

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