Kloppenburg prevails – recount all but assured

According to the Associated Press, Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg has defeated incumbent David Prosser by less than 200 votes out of nearly 1.5 million votes cast. Kloppenburg has already declared victory, and while there’s been no word on whether Justice Prosser will ask for a recount, I’d be absolutely shocked if Prosser’s campaign didn’t call for a recount, given the razor-thin (and that’s an understatement) margin of victory.

Predictably, the usual suspects on the right (Sykes, Belling, Badger Blogger, etc.) are already raising the spectre of “vote fraud,” leveling unsubstantiated claims of varying types of vote fraud & voting irregularities at locations in Milwaukee County and Dane County. While I understand “vote fraud” and “voting irregularities” are convenient bogeymen for conservatives to use to explain how their preferred candidate or candidates lost – and rest assured, bogeymen are all those arguments are – the fact is, widespread vote fraud has never been proven to exist in Wisconsin, despite the best efforts of Republicans to prove otherwise.

While some conservatives are blaming the outcome of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race on “vote fraud” and “voting irregularities,” the likelier culprits for the outcome of the election on April 5 are the actions of Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans in the legislature.


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8 thoughts on “Kloppenburg prevails – recount all but assured

  1. Have you noticed that the MSM is not reporting this? I stayed up for hours that night refreshing the AP page constantly because this election was of enormous importance. Finally, I had to get a few hours sleep so that I could work without snoring in front of my colleagues the following day (Well that morning). I thought there would be an iPhone alert from MSNBC while I was at work, but no. Nothing. I watched the news last night….nothing. On my way home from work, I see an email while I’m on the train which comes from a grassroots source.

    Of course they are talking about voter fraud. They are experts on it. It’s the “we do it, so they must have” concept.

  2. Ah, yes, the good old paranoid patrol in Milwaukee. “If the Democrats win, it’s voter fraud. If we win, it’s a clear mandate.”

  3. She should now be referred to as Justice-ELECT Kloppenburg, since she won the people’s vote.

    RED – I am listening to Glen Grothman on the radio now. He is saying he knows that people cheated, he does not know where or how but he does know they all cheated for Justice-elect Kloppenburg.

  4. I’m still expecting things to change a million times by now and the time this is all figured out but maybe Prosser should declare victory now that he’s ahead by 244 votes. (jsonline). Continued Justice Prosser now that he’s won the peoples vote.

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