Olsen recall petitions filed, Harsdorf petitions to follow

From The Plum Line comes news that organizers of the effort to recall Republican State Senator Luther Olsen – who called Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to weaken public employee unions “radical” – have filed their recall petitions with the state’s Government Accountability Board. According to Graeme Zielinski of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, recall organizers gathered just under 24,000 signatures, with only 14,733 required to trigger a recall election.

In a related story, organizers of the effort to recall Republican State Senator Sheila Harsdorf, who also proudly supported Gov. Walker’s efforts to weaken Wisconsin’s public employee unions, have announced they’ll file a recall petition later today. According to Zielinski, the Harsdorf recall effort gathered well over the 15,744 signatures needed to trigger a recall.

No doubt these stories are both good news as Democrats work to regain control of the State Senate, but these two stories also got me to wondering….are Republicans still trying to trigger recall elections against those Democratic State Senators who are eligible to be recalled? I haven’t seen or heard of one group that’s filed a petition with the requisite number of signatures to trigger a recall of a Democratic State Senator, despite all the blustering we’ve heard from the various groups that they would definitely gather enough signatures.

All bark, no bite….that just about sums up the Republican-backed efforts to recall Democratic State Senators.


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16 thoughts on “Olsen recall petitions filed, Harsdorf petitions to follow

  1. Not quite: I’m not sure with the ‘all bark no bite’ bit with Republicans – the Hansen Recall team may have a chance. I’m just not sure how legit the signatures are, because I know some neighbors of mine who live out in my area that signed the petition against him. The problem is we live in Cowles District. This is why I’m questionable if it’s legit or not.

    In other news, I heard the 5th Recall against Republicans is going to take place sometime this week too. I’m not sure from who however, I assume either Alberta or Cowles.


    While there are other areas where olsen’s image doesn’t match reality (not a successful businessman, he inhereted family business and ran it into bankruptcy, though to be fair, it may have been due to the repubican economic policies olsen supports, though there are allegations of criminality too).

    Please get this story out: olsen had an adulterous affair with the director of state ed agency CESA 6. They now say they are married (when it suits their purposes, someone is trying to verify status).

    Wade and olsen each left their families (typical repug values) to shack up in Ripon, WI. This is all common knowledge in that community.

    It is a conflict of interest for him to sit on the education committee – he has been advocating defunding pubic schools for years and each time he votes for policies that reduces school budgets, it is likely to kick additional business to his “wife” at CESA 6.

    Wisconsin’s CESAs were founded as nonprofit state agencies, somehow, they became for profit. So luther olsen DIRECTLY FINANACIALLY BENEFITS from his scam education reforms.

    He is a thief – complaints filed with ethics board have yet to yeild results BUT if it can be shown he has voted for any bill that benefited his wife (and he has – HE IS CHAIR OF THE COMMITTEE) it is a serious breach.


    Fact: olsen’s only real “credentials” to be the chair of the education committee is he sleeps with CESA 6 Director JOAN WADE!

    This is a bigger scandal than Hopper because olsen is actually using his position to financially benefit himself – has been doing it for years!

  3. The recall luther olsen group told me Joan Wade’s ex-husband signed the petition, no word yet (at least to my knowledge) of olsen’s ex.

    This is a much-more damaging story than the hopper bit.

    1. Oops – my post above should have been a REPLY, so I am adding this in case T is getting email notification.

      HELP – there is enough on the table to demonstrate that luther olsen has a conflict of interest:

      1. serving as education chair because he sleeps with joan wade.

      2. voting for anything that defunds school services, forcing layoffs, and resulting in those services being contracted to CESA

      The 2 points above are a slam dunk – BUT THERE IS MORE. PLEASE HELP!

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two Democratic senators see petitions filed against them and if so they will be filed on the last day with a great amount of hoopla in the press.

      1. I’d be shocked if any of the Democrats actually get recalled however.

        And I’d also be surprised if the Hansen recall effort actually gets enough signatures to file.

        1. I personally wouldn’t be shocked, but many of these people who are signing are people who might not be voting anyway and there are various comments going around that they’re not informing people what they’re signing. This has remained consistent in all three district:, Wirch, Hansen and Holperin.

          However, they’re all being paid to canvass too so this could lead to a lot of names being faulty – especially in Hansen’s district considering how it’s shaped when you compare it to Wirch’s and Holperin’s.This comes down to even if they are removed, who is really going to go out and vote? Are the signatures from people who want the democrats out or are they simply under misunderstandings or misinformation given to them? Such as one I ran into today that asked if I wanted to ‘save’ Senator Dave Hansen when it turned out to be recall sheet.

          … And NotaLib comes in foaming at the mouth saying how it’s yet another lie after seeing this comment.

  5. I was told same thins – this is a much more damaging story BUT NO ONE IS TELLING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please HELP!!!!!!

    Spread it around the world. Also – we need to know when the adulterous relationships occurred because then the full extend of olsen’s criminality will be clear.

    If luther olsen was having sex with Joan Wade (while each was married to someone else) and olsen advocated or voted for PRIVATIZING his “girlfriends” CESA – WE HAVE A MAJOR CORRUPTIONS SCANDAL.

    Please help get information and please get the word out. Can bloggingblue see that olsen gets the same treatment that randy “bed-hopper” hopper is getting?

  6. Check out this link (pleass scroll to bottom)


    joan wade, is acting as a treasurer for his campaign!

    He’s her “sugar daddy” and they have perpetrated a great fraud – luther olsen is using his position to enrich himself and wade and she is handling the money for his cmapaign!

  7. Heads up if you live in olsen’s district. The local papers REFUSE to cover any aspect of this.

    Of course, they are owned by Gannet, which probably tells us why – but DO NOT BUY OSHKOSK, FOND DU LAC, OR GREEN BAY PAPERS

    They are doing what they can to cover for hopper, and they have been covering olsen for years.

  8. covering FOR olsen for years – that is why this corruption (and much more) goes on.

    The mainstream media tells you lies and that there’s nothing to see here, move along.

    Please help push this story!

  9. concerned badger- We get it. Calm down and stop posting your scoop 5 different ways. I will say it is interesting to note that Joan Wade (formerly Spillner) is a former State Rep in Olsen’s district. Fred Clark is the rep in that district now, and will probably be Luther’s opponent- a good recruit if this is the case.

    There may be a couple of recalls filed against Dems, but we’ll see if there’s enough legit signatures in those names. I’m liking the day-by-day method of filing the recalls, as it sort of keeps things moving into the front of people’s consciousness.

    1. No you don’t get it and your post proves it.

      Good luck, but folks like you are not really any help getting anywhere with this.

      Hope you vote and stop being a jerk, course, maybe you are just a concern troll – don’t matter, no real dialog in this blog – ever.

      I have been sharing with different sources, different media. Ok, I obviously a waste of time posting here.

      Jake – folks like you are why we are in this situation today – hope you feel good about it and have fun pretending you actually stand for something.

      1. Jake’s not a concern troll, and clearly you haven’t been paying attention if you think there’s no real dialog in this blog.

        I appreciate your enthusiasm, and rest assured I’ll have more on what’s going on with Olsen.

  10. cb…take a chill pill. I am a little biased but I would say this is one of the blogs that have the most dialog.

    As for your story, thanks for the tip i had no idea, but everything in due time.

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