Randy Hopper has a challenge…

Outgoing Republican State Senator Randy Hopper has been covered extensively here, and now he has a new challenge. He is not only faced with a recall election, and the weight of Scott Walker on his shoulders, but now he has a legitimate challenger in Oshkosh Deputy Mayor Jessica King, who will announce her candidacy tomorrow 4/13.

Oshkosh Deputy Mayor Jessica King will announce her candidacy Wednesday to challenge state Sen. Randy Hopper, R-Fond du Lac, in the recall election expected to be held this summer.

King, a Democrat who lost to Hopper by 164 votes in 2008, will announce her candidacy at noon Wednesday at Becket’s Restaurant, 2 Jackson St., according to a Democratic Party of Wisconsin release sent out today.

We know that Hopper’s ex-wife and maid have turned on him, I wonder if there is another 163 people in his district who might have buyers remorse?


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2 thoughts on “Randy Hopper has a challenge…

  1. That’s excellent news (unlike the Kreitlow announcement Sat night)
    She should do very well. I will enjoy her eventual victory VERY much. Best wishes to Ms. King.

  2. Jessica King will be a formidable opponent, and I’m very glad she decided to challenge Hopper again. Considering how close the margin was last time, I’m confident she’ll be able to beat Sen. Hopper this time around.

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