Dan Sebring: if at first you don’t succeed, lose and lose again!

Apparently extreme far-right conservative Dan Sebring, not content with the electoral drubbing he received in his race against Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore in 2010, is primed for another run against Rep. Moore in 2012. You’ll remember Sebring ran as a write-in candidate in 2008 and was absolutely crushed by Rep. Moore in 2010, having received just 29.6% of the vote to Moore’s 69.1%, but apparently he thinks the third time around will be the charm.

No word yet on whether Sebring will be courting the “Mayflower descendant” vote in 2012, but given the fact that the 4th Congressional district is heavily Democratic, (with a Cook Partisan Voting Index rating of +22 Democratic), I’m not sure that much of anything will help Sebring beat Gwen Moore. Given that Sebring couldn’t crack 30 percent of the vote in a huge wave year for Republicans, I’m finding it hard to believe he’ll be able to pull within 15 percent of Gwen Moore, much less beat her.


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