More tea party ridiculousness

Tea Partier and Fox entertainment star John Stossel. Stossel was a guest last night on the Factor, where Bill O asked the question “Are some Americans simply too dumb to vote?” Stossel, after a copied jaywalking type segment, came back to advocate for people who disagreed with him not being allowed to vote. While first allowing for just students, he also would like to exclude his liberal friends.

No wonder

the Wisconsin \"tea partiers\" in conjunction with the Republican party, included students along with minorities in groups of people they do not want voting this November.

The Republican party not wanting people to vote has a long history and can best be summed up by Wisconsin’s own Paul Weyrich, , one of the leaders of the current “conservative movement” spoke truth to republican power in this memorable quote:

The Republican party has a long history of loving democracy, as long as you vote how they tell you. It is also another example of how little the “tea partiers” truly know about our Founding Fathers.


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2 thoughts on “More tea party ridiculousness

  1. Knock it off with the O.W.N. lie already! Why do you think the media did not go with the “story”. Hello? When you read the entire transcript you discover that nobody was trying to suppress anyone’s vote, period. They were talking about legally trained poll watching and cleaning up WI screwed up voter rolls. Why do you take issue with that? They also gave some examples of past instances at the polls, but DID NOT discuss singling out any group as O.W.N. claims. (Notice that they use the word “alleged plot” in their attempt to raise money scheme)

    I know these people and voter suppression is not on their agenda. DROP the race card already, drop the lowball dirty tricks to attempt to discredit the conservatives. You know IF I had money, I would sue that Scot Ross to within an inch of his life for all his slanderous attacks on people. I am beginning to think he has NO conscious. He throws mud to see if it will stick, all the while forgetting that people have lives, families, kids and reputations.

  2. @huh- You must not read the same newspapers or watch the same tv stations as the rest of us if you believe that WisGOP and AFP’s illegal effort hasn’t received any press coverage. You should get out more.

    @Z-Dub- You forget SE Wisconsin’s favorite political flunkie/conservative radio guy/blogger/nuisance, Fischer who regularly publishes his list of people he doesn’t believe should be voting.

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