David Prosser behaving badly

Congratulations, Wisconsin….here’s your newly reelected Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court:

[A]n argument that occurred before the court’s release of a decision upholding a bill to curtail the collective bargaining rights of public employees culminated in a physical altercation in the presence of other justices. Bradley purportedly asked Prosser to leave her office, whereupon Prosser grabbed Bradley by the neck with both hands.

You might remember Prosser as the Justice behind such hits as, “Shirley Abrahamson is a b-tch.”

I can’t wait to see and hear conservatives defend Justice Prosser’s actions, if he did indeed put his hands around a woman’s throat. Doesn’t Wisconsin have laws against that? If so, is David Prosser above obeying those laws simply because he’s a Justice on the Supreme Court?

If this story is true, David Prosser should do the honorable thing and step down from his seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, because no sitting Justice should behave in such a vile and abusive manner.


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46 thoughts on “David Prosser behaving badly

    1. It’s more than awkward; it’s illegal and could be grounds for him being disciplined, if it’s true.

      It also seems telling that Prosser has yet to actually deny his alleged behavior. I’d expect that if he was innocent, he’d have issued a statement forcefully denying the allegations, but we haven’t gotten that, leading me to believe there’s some truth to the allegations.

      1. Definitely, I’ve just been doing understatements of the year lately. I can’t say I’m too surprised knowing his history. With his whole view of “I probably overreacted, but I think it was entirely warranted.”

        If it’s true, it does not look good at all for the conservative movement in the state. Not they care too much about appearances at this rate. The fact he did not deny his alleged behavior is a tell tale sign for me. However as long as we continue to send the message that politicians are above the law just because we agree with their view points, they will be, and things will only get worse.

  1. I’ll believe in true justice when Prosser is forced off the bench. Until then, I’ll not hold my breath. What an asshole.

  2. So it looks like the emerging party line – at least among those dumb enough to attempt to explain it away – is to attack the anonymous sourcing.

    The pool of potential sources on this is extremely small and the leakers are certainly known to Bradley and Prosser. If they’re lying, they’ve just fOxXoRed their careers, anonymous or not.

  3. It’s this simple. If the events are true as reported, then Prosser must resign. Nothing less than that will do.

  4. This street thug must resign, and if the allegations are true face jail time. Anything less is to be soft on crime and to coddle criminals.

  5. Prosser must have learned from that thug beating up the guy in the Capital. For crying out loud, a 68 year old man ought to know better, even if he is Republican.

    1. Folks, here’s a prime example of how the hate right condones violence against those who they don’t agree with.

  6. Never fear, our right wing MJS is here to let us know the bi–h* had it coming**. Unbelievable.

    * Prosser’s word, not mine.
    ** Not providing a link so as not to promote that cesspool of a rag.

  7. If Justice Bradley has a husband, son, or brother…one of them should teach Prosser a lesson he will not forget.

  8. If it’s true prosser should resign. There’s no place for that type of conduct.

  9. Three sources say Prosser put his hands around her neck. One source says he grabbed it in self defense because she lunged at him and it just so happened to land in his hands. The one source is himself.

    This is a ridiculous story if I ever heard one.

  10. What a royal dbag. I saw him before the election down at Miller Park on opening day trying to shake hands. He is a small man, literally, 5’4″ maybe 135 lbs. Kind of weaselly looking. He would not be able to do this to a man, nor would he try.

  11. wow all we have is a report from unnamed sources but everyone on the left has such hate for the man they have already convicted him. Nice job people.

    1. Has anybody convicted him yet? Go back and read the comments. And there were not one but three sources, and given the scene of the alleged attack, a reasonable assumption can be made that these will be reliable sources. And remember, Prosser has a past history of this kind of behavior.

      But even given that, nobody has convicted him yet. Only a court can do that.

  12. “If this story is true, David Prosser should do the honorable thing”
    If this story is true, David Prosser is an abuser who has no honor. Why would he do the honorable thing? We’d better start asking ourselves what should be done if this story is true and Prosser refuses to resign.

    1. I have to say this Roland, as much as I am an angry filthy liberal majority of the time, I always do enjoy your comments here since you don’t try to rationalize things like this when it comes up. I can always expect well thought out responses, from you, Super Id, forgotmyscreenname, and Locke.

      I suppose as someone who has been in many fights and scuffles in my youth, I don’t think it’s possible he would have been able to grab her neck if both of her arms were up like he said. It would be more logical if he was attacking her in that case to either block and step back, or send a punch of his own. However the thing is he grabbed her with both hands, which is a hard thing to do if both of your fists are up.

      1. Thanks for the compliment. There are some differing accounts coming out. Apparently, at least one of these “unnamed sources” is saying that Bradley charged Prosser with fists raised. As much as I’d like to think that’s true, I’ll wait to see what the end result/final report looks like.

        In my experience, early reporting (especially involving people/issues of controversy) can be far from what actually happened. There are people on both sides looking to twist the facts to suit their agenda. I’ve publicly pondered whether our WSC is completely dysfunctional or not…this situation has me thinking it is. No matter how you slice it…this situation is ugly.

      2. Interesting…Roland Melnick is more upset over U2 leaving Ireland than the reports that Prosser choked a female WSCJ.

          1. I haven’t forgotten you are a liar (average middle class union worker) and a hypocrite (attacks average middle class unions workers for being in unions while you pretend to be something different).

            1. Liar? I explained that the last time you yapped at me about it. Do your various medications inhibit your memory?

              To borrow a phrase from President Obama, let me be clear…I don’t criticize workers for being in unions. I criticize the behavior of the most rabid members…like a certain Milwaukee County social worker who preaches the rock-solid union line while, in reality, he cheated both the taxpayer and those who supposedly needed “valuable services” provided by people in jobs like his. I criticize the various public school teachers who walked out on their students to protest then flaunted their untouchable status with fraudulent sick notes. I criticize union heads who compare Governor Walker’s policies to reinstating slavery in Wisconsin.

              The fact that you think union workers shouldn’t be allowed to criticize garbage like this tells me you might be one of those rabid types. That Greek-like ferocity toward anyone who dares question the flow of the gravy is why I laugh when I see AFSCME yard signs proclaiming “It’s about freedom!” Freedom to do what? Force municipalities to raise taxes to cover ever-increasing benefits and wages? Freedom to force union membership and to force those members to pay dues? Freedom to force layoffs instead of wage/benefit concessions? Well, prepare for sweeping change. If what has happened in other states is any indication, Wisconsin’s public sector unions will lose anywhere from 30-60% of its membership now that they have the freedom to choose.

        1. That’s because U2 is a bunch of filthy liberals, so they’re an easy set of targets for the folks at Roland’s blog to spew their vitriol.

          1. The only vitriol I see in my U2 thread and attached comments was posted by a troll named “VLADTHEIMPALER” who was insulting me. Perhaps you should read up before jumping to conclusions, Zach.

      3. Roland behaves here because he has no choice….over at his blog he condones some pretty nasty and vitriolic rhetoric though, so he seems to be a Jekyll and Hyde kinda guy.

        1. “pretty nasty and vitriolic rhetoric”

          You mean like “tea bag queen”? I know, I know…you commented that you don’t like “tea bag,” but that was about the most benign bit of lip service possible. But hey, Bachmann is a gun-totin’, God-fearin’ Repug so bashing her is cool, right?

          1. Oh Roland, you’re hardly in a position to lecture anyone, given the blind eye you turn to the language over at BB.


            You can take issue with my “most benign” lip service possible, but at least I don’t turn a blind eye while my commenters spew vitriol and insults. The fact that you condone that crap without a peep speaks volumes about you.

            1. But what you don’t seem to realize is that I’m not lecturing anyone. I don’t look down my nose at others while pretending to hold my blog to a higher standard. Would it really make that much difference to you if I wrote “Gus, I really don’t like the word ‘libtard'” without deleting/banning him? No. Even when we took those steps in the past, you continued to bash us. Once we saw that we couldn’t earn credit where credit was due with you, the effort it took to monitor/edit/delete comments wasn’t worth it. The fact that I came to this comment thread to speak out against Prosser’s behavior and end up getting trashed by you is further evidence supporting my point.

              As to Schaller’s bizarrely timed rant on folkbum, Patrick and I emailed him to tell him that he was sticking his foot in his mouth and that he should take the comment down. Why he didn’t is beyond me since he looks rather stupid getting so worked up over something that I believe was an April Fools joke.

          2. No, Bachmann is an idiot. That she’s gun-toting doesn’t enter into the equation. She’s simply an idiot. Being an idiot would make her an object of pity, but she is also hateful to good Americans and untruthful in the extreme. Yesterday she was on several programs where she denied receiving federal tax dollars, despite all records showing she did. Untruthful and an idiot all in one. She deserves scorn, and why a conservative would not be trying to shame her out of politics is beyond me. She makes all conservatives look bad.

        2. Zach…you are exactly right…which is why I had to question “T” on his/her “compliment” to Roland Melnick. Roland Melnick is a cockroach…

          1. “Roland Melnick is a cockroach.”

            Anon, thanks for providing additional evidence that Zach preaches one thing (blog civility) then does another.

            Oh, by the way…why did “T’s” mild compliment get you so worked up? It actually made you angry…didn’t it?

  13. T what are the political leanings of the 3 that claimed he grabbed her to choke her. Ok I guess no one can defend themselves when a crazy unhinged liberal judge loses it and charges at a person. Wow buckyblue. F stevens that is so true.

    1. Pete, explain to me how one “defends themselves” by grabbing someone around the neck and squeezing, as Justice Bradley has alleged Justice Prosser did.

      I’d love to hear you explain that.

    2. Crazy unhinged liberal? Wow, so you’re believing his story that she just so happened to place her neck into his hands? The reason why I think this is impossible is because I’ve personally seen these people in the past and talked to them.

      I know that Prosser has serious anger issues and doesn’t know how to manage well. He often does self harm in frustration, even as far as getting angry including once showing me that he stabbed himself with a pen and pointed out the mark where it stayed. It was many years ago, but even as a politician he had anger management problems according to my grandparents such as stomping quickly towards people like a caged lion and swinging his arms around when something upset him. So yes, I do think it is very much possible that he strangled her when she had her guard down?

      Why do I think this is possible? Because if she had her fists up, you wouldn’t be able to grab her neck like that. Because they would be generally blocking her upper portion of her body. Even if they were improperly held. Meaning the only way he could have lunged at her neck if her arms were down. This also accounts for his height, at 5’4″ and being very scrawny – not at all intimidating. He certainly does not have a very far reach.

      I do think it can be possible if she did step forward when she told him to get out of her office but it can’t be possible for her to have her fists up – Prosser should have been the bigger man and walked out. Of course, I suppose that’s so hard to do so I can understand why he strangled her. Nevermind that would get you fired in any other job.

      Where is the personal responsibility? Oh wait, I guess it should be thrown away when they’re conservative right? Because anyone who disagrees with them deserve to be abused.

      Wake up, this isn’t a matter of left or right, it’s a matter of right or wrong. However since the conservatives now days take right and wrong into politics, I can understand why you’d side with the abuser.

    3. So Pete agrees with abusive husbands everywhere: that mouthy, uppity woman got what was coming to her. Stay classy, Pete.

    4. “..what are the political leanings of the 3 that claimed he grabbed her to choke her.”

      Really? Seriously? As if it matters? We’re talking about an alleged ASSAULT here!

      Make no mistake, the responsible posters here will not hesitate to take a Democrat to task for bad behavior. They’ve done it before.

  14. Arguing with a rethug is an exercise in futility. I’ve known so many over the years that, when backed into a corner with facts, will continue to proclaim they are still correct in their positions.

    I worked briefly with people who were in and out of prisons and jails for most of their lives. These were people skilled in the art of lying, obfuscation, and fighting. They were constantly confronted with transgressions that would get their probation or parole revoked, and their responses were always to holler loudly that they were innocent and it was someone else who did it, and it wasn’t MEEEEEEE!

    Remind you of anyone?

  15. I’ve been visiting an old friend in North Dakota for the last four days. No email, internet or news. I heard this story on public radio coming home this afternoon. Either NPR or MPR, didn’t hear which. Couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

    I’ve written this before but it bears repeating. Look at what Koch/Walker are doing to this state. Unbelievable. The social order is breaking down. Can you call this governance? Looks and feels more like destabilization.

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