David VanderLeest proves birds of a feather flock together!

Last month I noted the rather extensive history of criminal convictions of David VanderLeest, a Republican who not only led the recall effort against Democratic State Sen. Dave Hansen but who has also indicated he’ll run as a candidate against Hansen in a recall election.

While VanderLeest has attempted to explain away his criminal and court history as “marital problems” and “financial difficulties,” police reports obtained from the Green Bay Police Department (see below) seem to paint a very different picture, one of an abusive husband who engaged in physically assaultive behavior towards his wife.

However, as if David VanderLeest’s criminal record and court history weren’t indicative enough of his poor decision-making, it appears his significant other has an even more troubling criminal record and court history, including the following criminal convictions:

  • 2009: Battery, Theft-Movable Property <=$2500, and Criminal Trespass to Dwelling,Escape-Criminal Arrest, (a class H felony)
  • 2003: Disorderly Conduct (2 cases), Neglecting a Child, Knowingly Violate a Domestic Abuse Order (2 cases)
  • 2002: 2 counts of Failure to Support a Child (<120 days)
  • 4 convictions for Operating While under Influence

If I were a voter up in the 30th State Senate District, I’d have to seriously question David VanderLeest’s decision-making ability, especially considering he wants to be elected to a position of great authority.


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7 thoughts on “David VanderLeest proves birds of a feather flock together!

  1. Don’t get to worked up about him he has a very small chance of winning. He was a major player ion getting rid of Hansen which everyone up here is happy he will be gone but he is not recognizable enough to get the votes.

  2. I witnessed most of his behavior first hand as i was dating his x wife. I cant hold back I must say he is the most evil person I have ever met in my life. I’m saddened by his by his delusion and cruelty.

  3. Kim Seitzer is a adault dancer….. I am currently trying to archive the “entertainer”, a local Green Bay weekly. I recall a full page listing of her as LeXXXi, apperaing at centerfolds lounge. It highlited her as a new adault film star. I hope these people know whom they are voteing for?

  4. To clear the record, I was never a porn star, but I did work at Ceterfold, Beansnappers, and also up north for hunting. That was almost ten years ago. Thanks for remembering me.

    1. Not a porn star, but a call girl/prostitute!! Or how did you put it….oh yes “do you like escorts” Yep those were your words!

      1. Well, I am not a call girl or a prostitute or an escort for that matter. Why dont u worry about yourself for a change Jackie whoever u aren’t!!! Get a life! God is the only one who can judge me! Not u!

  5. What began as a poor attempt to smear a politician by doxing people in a photo-op, ends up potentially harming the person (Kim) who may be the least deserving. Whatever is true/false we all have a past. I would hold those(men)in power to a much higher standard. Without even knowing her, Kim doesn’t need to defend herself. Not that there are any similarities, but Wisconsin’s own Suzy Favor Hamilton (see her Facebook page)shows an inspiring appropriately healthy self awareness despite her history (real/perceived)having been made public. I hope Kim feels the same and experiences God’s grace, as we all should.

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