Scott Walker gets a loud reception at Gateway Technical College

On Tuesday, Republican Governor Scott Walker attended a celebration at Gateway Technical College commemorating 100 years of technical education in Wisconsin. During Gov. Walker’s remarks, protesters – no doubt upset at Gov. Walker cutting funding to technical colleges by 30% and stripping college faculty of their collective bargaining rights – gave the governor a “warm” reception.

Walker Shouted Down at Gateway Technical College 7/12/11 from Kevin Mulvenna on Vimeo.


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6 thoughts on “Scott Walker gets a loud reception at Gateway Technical College

  1. BOYCOTT JOHNONVILLE SAUSAGES who underwrote this fool to the tune of at least $50,000!

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  2. I am very sorry I missed this. Just as I was readying to get on my bike and ride over I got a call from the preschool — Jack had banged heads with another boy and each had huge knots on their foreheads. I had to pick him up.

    1. Yeah, that really does sum up Scott Walker’s career as an elected official – a general disdain for anyone in the middle class who happens to be a union member.

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