Boehner’s Choices for the budget “Super Committee:” The Wisconsin Subtext

John Boehner named his choices to serve on the budget “Super Committee” the other day, but Boehner’s choices did not include the Republican most identified as a deficit hawk.  Just a few months ago Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan was the darling of the Republican Party, but now he’s evidently too radioactive for John Boehner to rely on.  Hmm.

Of course Representative Ryan is putting a brave face on the matter.  He’s claiming he “asked the Speaker not to consider me for the Joint Committee. . . ”  Ryan’s approval ratings in June were miserable, and the Republican Party’s approvals are at record lows.  Boehner was smart to keep Paul Ryan off this committee, and would be smarter to muzzle Paul Ryan.  That’s the real story here, that Paul Ryan is losing any influence in the Republican caucus he ever had, all because of his extremist proposals.

Rob Zerban needs to capitalize on these low approvals for Ryan and the Republicans, and I suspect Ryan himself will give Zerban plenty of ammunition, since Ryan thinks he’s going to have a big say in future budgets.  Look for Ryan to try and thwart whatever the “Super Committee” brings forth with draconian cuts and the usual Republican opposition to taxes — Ryan’s approvals can still drop even further.


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    What it’s real function is “THE WAR COMMITTEE”
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    Alternatively could be called “GANG of THIRTEEN”

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