Conservative blogger asks: What is the difference between slaves on plantations and blacks who blindly vote for Democrats?

This is absolutely despicable….

This is from an email that’s been going around for some time, but never stops being thought-provoking.  OR TRUE.


What is the difference between slaves on plantations and blacks who blindly vote for Democrats?

What does a slave-owner have to provide, free, for his slaves?
1. Free Housing.
2. Free Food.

3. Free Healthcare
4. A menial education sufficient to the task he requires the slave to perform.

What is the one thing a slave owner required of his slaves?
1. Unquestioning Loyalty.

What do the democrats always promise to provide, free, to blacks?
1. Free Housing.
2. Free Food.
3. Free healthcare
4. A free menial education, sufficient to get them to the voting booth.

What is the one thing Democrats require of their constituents?
1. Unquestioning Loyalty.

The only question black democrats have to ask themselves is:

Who’s your master now?


The Democrat Party survives because it keeps blacks poor and dependent on Democrat hand-outs to survive.

Democrats do something similar with gays: they keep us in check by scaring gays into believing Republicans are evil and want to kill us, so the only protection we have is to vote Democrat, Democrat, Democrat.

Democrats keep Hispanics under control by pushing Spanish as much as possible, so Hispanics never learn English and don’t progress as much in society.

Women are kept in line by Democrats though cultural wedge issues like abortion, where, once again, people are convinced to vote against their own economic best interests because Democrats create boogeymen to scare them into believing conservatives are evil and want to harm them or take away their rights.



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10 thoughts on “Conservative blogger asks: What is the difference between slaves on plantations and blacks who blindly vote for Democrats?

  1. And somehow the Republicans can accomplish the same level of blind loyalty without the free food, the healthcare, and the education. Maybe they have the right formula after all?

    1. Riiight. It must’ve been Fauxpublicans who passed Medicare Part D and who ride to teabagger rallies on their Medicare-funded mobility scooters.

  2. Same level? i would say they take the loyalty way beyond what the dems get. Look at all of the criticism of Obama(which I am fine with) yet Bush was a complete disaster and no one on the right ever spoke a peep.

    1. The Republicans are so loyal they will vote for a Hopper or Simac or Bachman or Perry, no matter the level of batshit crazy they are.

  3. It’s a strange distorted statement. It sounds as though the owner is providing “free” food, housing, healthcare, and education for a reason other than to profit from the slave’s work, in this case “loyalty.” The owners didn’t expect loyalty, why would they use whips, chains, and shackles if the slaves were loyal? The whole premise is ridiculous.

  4. It parallels the attitude that wants labor to be loyal and grateful to the “job creators” who provide workers with poor paying jobs while taking the lion’s share of the profit, though I admit that now the workers have to pay for their own “menial education.”

  5. The thing that amazes and frustrates me so much about crap like this is the way they co-opt our language whenever it starts to gain traction with the public.

    Following in lockstep and voting against their own economic interests are both legitimate charges we have levied against Republicans for decades. As soon as those arguments start resonating with the public, they co-opt the language.

    We need to either nullify their efforts somehow, or we need to start doing the same thing.

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