EMILY’s List: Working in Wisconsin

EMILY’s List: Working in Wisconsin
by Denise Feriozzi, Director of EMILY’s List’s WOMEN VOTE! Project

It has been amazing watching Wisconsin show the rest of America how democracy is done. When Wisconsin’s governor pushed a radical anti-woman, anti-family, and anti-worker agenda, Wisconsin didn’t just get angry — it got organized.

The tens of thousands of protesters who took to the streets of Madison were an inspiration to the country. And now Wisconsin has focused that energy into campaigns for candidates who will put an end to Scott Walker’s punishing agenda, who will work for great schools, quality health care, and jobs — things the people of Wisconsin actually need.

At EMILY’s List, we knew we had to get involved in these races. There are issues at stake that go beyond Wisconsin’s borders. Victories on August 9 and 16 can change control of the state senate from Republican to Democratic control. What’s more, the nation’s eyes are turned to Wisconsin to see what happens when a right-wing governor passes a radical agenda.

With our community of nearly 1 million activists across the nation, EMILY’s List has an important role to play. Every army needs reinforcements, and that’s what we’re here for.

We started by endorsing the five amazing, pro-choice women who are campaigning to turn the Wisconsin state senate from red to blue. We turned to our national community to help fund our program, and they delivered. We’re up on the air with ads — not just on your TV, but on the Internet too so that that voters have all the facts about our candidates. 

Now we’re on the ground in Wisconsin as well. I was just in the state just a few weeks ago where I met with our coalition partners, visited the state field offices where canvassing will be directed, and met with local EMILY’s List members. (I love visiting Wisconsin — my husband grew up in Whitewater.)

With what I learned on that trip, we are putting our Team EMILY program to work. Team EMILY is built on the simple principle that when women voters hear from women directly about what’s at stake in elections, our pro-choice women candidates win. Team EMILY members are making calls to Wisconsin from every region of the country and sending our local members to knock on doors and talk to voters face-to-face. When Wisconsin women hear from other mothers and grandmothers, other daughters and wives about why it is so important to elect Shelly Moore, Jessica King, Jennifer Shilling, Nancy Nusbaum and Sandy Pasch, they will vote to help make Wisconsin more secure place for their families.

EMILY’s List has more experience than anyone else at electing pro-choice women to office. To put it simply, we’re the best in the business. But we depend on people like you. You can join our canvassing efforts by clicking here to sign up with Team EMILY in Wisconsin. And don’t forget that EMILYsList.org is the best source for information about progressive women candidates in Wisconsin and around the nation — so make sure you visit, sign up, and stay in touch through 2012 and beyond.


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