Gwen Moore misses debt ceiling vote

To say the vote in the House earlier this week to approve the debt ceiling capitulation legislation was highly publicized and scrutinized would be an understatement. After Speaker John Boehner’s own debt ceiling legislation passed the House by a narrow margin and was promptly killed in the U.S. Senate, lawmakers worked hard to find some “compromise” (you say compromise, I say capitulation) to raise the federal debt ceiling. Those efforts resulted in the debt ceiling increase legislation that was voted on by both the House and Senate and signed into law by President Barack Obama.

However, what caught my eye when perusing the vote record in the House was the fact that Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore of Milwaukee didn’t vote on the bill. According to a report by Sharif Durhams of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Rep. Moore missed casting her vote by seconds after being delayed in returning to the floor of the House by extra press and security in the hallways of the Capitol.

Moore spokesman David Frey did say Rep. Moore intended to vote in favor of the “compromise” legislation worked out over the weekend by congressional leaders and President Barack Obama, giving me yet another reason to be less than enthusiastic about Rep. Moore.


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4 thoughts on “Gwen Moore misses debt ceiling vote

  1. An accompanying commentary expressed concern about elected officials and candidates not responding to queries from constituent voters. Add Gwen Moore and Ron Johnson to the list of those who don’t respond. I have contacted their offices on separate issues two-or-three times each. I have never received a response back, by mail,email, or phone. When calling them again to ask for a status of reply– the staff person becomes arrogant. Give them both a try.

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