From The Desk Of Stephan nASS(part 2)

Madison Cartoonist Mike Konopacki is at it again:

Local cartoonist Mike Konopacki isn’t intimidated by the criminal complaint Assemblyman Steve Nass (R-La Grange) filed against him Friday. Under investigation for using Nass’s letterhead in a gag press release, Konopacki’s done it again.

This time Konopacki takes aim at Nass’s chief of staff, Mike Mikalsen, who, speaking for Nass, put the kibosh to the University of Wisconsin School for Workers “Art of Protest” show and was involved in filing a felony criminal complaint against Konopacki with the Capitol Police.

Nass apparently was concerned about the timing of the show with recalls pending of Governor Scott Walker, his Lt. Governor, and four other Republicans in the state senate. With the show cancelled, Konopacki, one of the show’s organizers, issued a gag press release using letterhead he found online from Nass’s office.

The second gag press release, above, portrays Mikalsen as Nass’s “Commissar of Culture” waving his shoe and shouting, “We will bury you” in a Cold War reference to antics by Soviet Premiere Nikita Kruschev, a Mikalsen look-alike.

It appears that Mikita Mikalsen has gotten a promotion to Commisar of Culture:


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3 thoughts on “From The Desk Of Stephan nASS(part 2)

  1. “They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind”.

    – [Book of] Hosea 8:7, Hebrew Bible

  2. If they’re going to prosecute Konopacki for misusing Nass’ letterhead, they should prosecute Tom Tiffany for impersonating a human being.

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