Loyal until the end…

I’m not going to lie; I got a little choked up when I read this story.

Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson lay in a coffin, draped in an American flag, in front of a tearful audience mourning his death in Afghanistan. Soon an old friend appeared, and like a fellow soldier on a battlefield, his loyal dog refused to leave him behind.

Tumilson’s Labrador retriever, Hawkeye, was photographed lying by Tumilson’s casket in a heart-wrenching image taken at the funeral service in Tumilson’s hometown of Rockford, Iowa, earlier this week. Hawkeye walked up to the casket at the beginning of the service and then dropped down with a heaving sigh as about 1,500 mourners witnessed a dog accompanying his master until the end.


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2 thoughts on “Loyal until the end…

  1. yes…sometimes our closest animal friends express what humankind can not. I will be with you always, even when the road has ended.

  2. I think the most remarkable part of the story is that I have not yet encountered a right wing email forward that uses the story to prove liberals are evil. Not yet, at least.

    To be serious, I’ve got both right wing and left wing friends who have posted this on Facebook, and that’s rare.

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