Christian Schneider Misses A Fact

I usually ignore the typically outrageous columns produced by Christian Schneider…and naturally there is very little in his mythic realm that I agree with…and so it is today. But today I have to find fault with his misstatement of fact. After extolling Governor Walker’s virtues and electoral victories…he said:

At least he can find comfort in in the fact that he has yet to lose to a Democrat…

Well most local Dems know that he lost his first race for Wisconsin State Assembly to Democrat and current US House of Representatives member Gwen Moore. Not only lost…but got beat 69% to 31%.

This appeared in the print edition that hit my front porch this morning and apparently in the digital edition as well…but JSOnline now has a correction flagged at the top of the article linked above:

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this column mistakenly said that Gov. Scott Walker has not lost to a Democrat. Walker was defeated by U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore in his first race out of college.

Whoops for Mr. Schneider and who the heck is editing at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?


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3 thoughts on “Christian Schneider Misses A Fact

  1. It’s not just Christian Schneider (member of the “Main Stream” media) but also the yakkers on right-wing radio (WTMJ, WISN). They are all busy doing the incessant verbal tap-dancing to put Walker in the most favorable light after his smelly defeat. Say it over and over again until the masses believe the falsehoods.

    1. Yeah, Sykes and company are trying to compare it to his withdrawal in 2006,but the difference here is that Walker was on top of the polls earlier this year, and plunged to the bottom of the pack. The nation rejected his anti working class agenda, big time. He now has to deal with disgruntled members of his own party, and he’s lost the faith of a huge portion of his die hard base. No amount of massaging the facts will change that reality.

  2. To most men comes a time in their life when an event bestows upon them the awakening that they are mortal, mistaken and learns from such a human epiphany.

    Christian Schneider is not one of those men!

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