Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

For two rich fully starched white guys, they can’t afford more than one tie and one jacket between them?

Ryan and Romney in Norfolk (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

  1. Sorry that I’ve been AWOL recently but my PC is in the shop…borrowed one for a bit today!

  2. Thinking more about this and the recalls this year and last year, Ryan in the VP slot for the Republicans shows how strong the Republican Party of Wisconsin is. Reince Priebus as RNC chair will drop national money into every meaningful swing legislative election, plus every swing congressional election in Wisconsin. The Republicans are great at building up their farm team and have the strategic instinct to know how to win elections.

    In the Democratic party I see too much infighting without a major focus on building up the farm team. When for the foreseeable future national money will be spent against us, Democrats should spend what money we do have in a strategic way where we focus on building up the farm team throughout the state. Building up the farm team in swing and lean republican districts is the only way to win legislative majorities.

    My hope is that the Republicans in Wisconsin over focus on the presidential election now and we pick up some seats.

  3. And here is the NY Times critic of Mr. Ryan’s sartorial style:

    Bruce Pask, NYT Men’s Fashion Editor said: “Like many American suit wearers, I think he suffers from the misconception that the size a guy wears directly correlates with his masculinity. In their minds, being a 42 is more manly than a 40. And yet what actually happens when a guy wears something too big is the obvious: he looks smaller, dwarfed by shoulders that are too big, a shirt collar that is too roomy, lapels that are too wide. A suit should properly contain the body. It’s a very empowering thing to wear a jacket that hugs the torso, a shape that you fill completely and appropriately.”

    From the writer of the article: Instead of boasting about his insane workout, perhaps Mr. Ryan should get a skilled tailor…

    Isn’t this fun?

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