White supremacists to rally in West Allis

This has the potential to be all sorts of bad…

A white supremacy group is planning a protest in response to the State Fair mob attack, and police are issuing an unusual alert.

Maureen Metzer owns a dance studio a block away from West Allis City Hall. She heard about the rally scheduled for Labor Day weekend and isn’t taking any chances. “I am concerned. We actually did decide that we will not be open that day.”

It’s advice she and other business owners in the area got from the Police Chief in a letter recommending people “lock their doors and close during the time of this activity.” Maureen is grateful for the warning. “They told me they’ve never experienced anything like this before, and I guess better safe than sorry.”

I can only hope that if white supremacists do in fact show up in West Allis to rally things won’t degenerate into violence.


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41 thoughts on “White supremacists to rally in West Allis

  1. Well, we’ll see. As I discovered after years of participating in Gay Pride Parades in Nashville, TN, it’s real easy to issue a press release crowing about your plans to show up somewhere, but it’s actually pretty hard, especially for this crowd, to leverage your lard ass off of the couch and actually show up. Regardless, my sympathies. White supremacy is bad for business.

    1. You people are so easily controlled by the media. They say white supremacist but they could more accurately have said, “white people who don’t want to be the target of racial violence”.

      Stop being so easy to control.

      These white people have already taken more media abuse than the actual flash mob who drug elderly white men out of their car and beat them in the street.

  2. Checked in the details a week ago, the white supremacist group is actually Neo Nazis. Heard some rumors that they’re going to be thanking Scott Walker for his plan to purify the state, but I think that’s just an add on and I’m pretty positive that isn’t true.

    All considering I really don’t think they should be a group that is going on how they are a group of peace, all considering. Stay classy, painting all minorities with the same broad brush once again, because it’s always due to their race obviously.

  3. Please go away! Why can’t they go to New Berlin? Hasn’t West Allis suffered enough?

  4. I can’t believe the owner of the pole dancing studio got interviewed for the rally, closing her business that day, yes they pole dance any chance they get even on a holiday-i’m glad i can get some sleep that day because it won’t be loud downstairs!
    i’m sure the rally will be under control –

    1. First of all, “pattie”—The studio is listed as a “dance studio”, not a pole dance studio, as you stated. Secondly—I don’t believe for a second you live above the dance studio mentioned. Thirdly, you’re a racist.

      1. First of all, “Jan”, -“Dance studio” doesn’t specify what type of dance studio, leaving the possibility open that it could, indeed, be a pole dance studio. Secondly, I don’t believe for a minute that you know what you’re talking about, or even know what businesses are around the city hall. Thirdly, saying the rally will be under control does not make someone a racist, idiot. Hundreds of black people attacking whites at a peaceful event, that’s racist. You must be as well.

  5. Great another reason to give blacks another reason to amass and cause more violence. You all know that if the group at state fair would have been whites targeting blacks instead, oh no! NAACP, Sharpton, state of emergency, obama speech, the whole nine. Blacks would have retaliated on the spot. West Allis hardly has a neonazi group large enough to do squat.

  6. Are you people even going to try to say that this is a bad thing. We live in a world were every race color or creed and now sexual preference has the right to say or do what they feel is right until someone is offended.All of you need to grow some thicker skin and just live. if your offended than voice your opinion it is still your right until they being the government take that away too. What happened at statefair is a bad thing but why did only one person come to the aid of your fellow man being beat. That to me is not right we as parents need to take back our rights no I am not saying beat our children but discipline any child that would act in that manner. If an adult were to do this type of behavior he/she would be arrested so bring back the right to punish our children in school and at home with out this bull that a spanking is abuse. Spare therod spoil the childeven in the bible it states to lay hands on the unruly child. All children need strict guidance not to be rasied by a video game or tv you al need to spend more time to actually know who your kids actually are. And if that happens then maybe some of the crap that walks our streets will walk with a different ohtlook now realizing the we the people have had enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Not to mention much of these problems that these people state are not because of video games or television but the fact their parents are not acting like parents, and that happens regardless of race. It’s not like the parents can often stay with their children when they have to – gasp – work. You see children of all types trying to rebel from their parents for being either too controlling or too lenient or not accepting enough.

        I don’t see how a bunch of stupid kids attacking white people means there is a WHOLE problem with the entire black community or even black teenagers are more focused on perhaps going through school, working around the house, trying to have fun and so on. I do think there is problems with racism mind you, those children who did that should be properly punished for their crimes, but how is the goddamn Neo Nazis coming out (who are offensive as shit not only to black people, Neo-Nazis are known to attack and harass jews, the LGBT community, Asians, Latinos, Arab Americans, Natives, Catholics, AND MORE!!!) going to make things better?

        PS: Before ANY of you people go on about how minorities have their own festivals and how repressed you are – remember there are Octoberfest, Irish Fests, and many more. You just got to look around. You can be proud of your culture and heritage without going on about your superiority. And before you go on SAYING YOU’RE AN AMERICAN NOT ANY OF THAT — Fourth. Of. July. And many more.

        1. You sir, have not lived on the North Side of Milwaukee being light-skinned. There is a HUGE problem with the black community in Milwaukee that needs immediate addressing. If you don’t think it’s true, I encourage you to move to Dr. MLK Drive and North Ave and try to live. That is, if you’re even light-skinned. This is not an isolated incident, there are many attacks of blacks on whites in Milwaukee, the police just don’t do anything unless someone is injured, because it’s too difficult and dangerous to chase them down in the ghetto, especially if you’re a cop. Why is it that the “shooting hotspots” in Milwaukee just so happen to be the predominantly black areas in Milwaukee? Those black communities need to be reprimanded immediately and harshly for their actions. Just 3 days ago me and my room mate were attacked on 7th and Locust in broad daylight by African American teens who pelted us and our vehicle with rocks and yelled out racial slurs. Only one car stopped and the man yelled at the kids, who laughed at him and us. The area is predominantly black, as I mentioned, and seeing as how most of them in the area are racist, they did nothing about it, despite the fact more than 50 cars drove by and clearly witnessed these actions. How about the flash mob on that robbed the gas station on Humboldt and North then beat up tourists and whites in the area? How about the groups of African-Americans that go by UWMs campus and rob white students there DAILY. My friend, to me, that should throw up a red flag to any normal person saying “Hey, there’s a problem with that community, and we need to address and fix it.” Not saying having the Neo-Nazis in West Allis is good at all, but hopefully they bring some attention to this larger problem and help get it corrected. By the way, if you don’t believe me about these incidents, go to a police station in Milwaukee and look up the police reports. Also, for the record, I am a light skinned Latino. Don’t even try that “you’re racist” crap on me. I’m a minority as well, I just don’t happen to have the skin color that most of my family does. Oh Darn.

      2. I dont support Nazi’s….. But you are a moron!

        I bet you support the racist, apartheid, Theocracy called Israel, and bemoan the Iranian republic… daily.

        Why not write and and vent your feigned spleen of outrage in loud indignation for Jews in the same manner as Nazi’s.

        Both philosphies are criminal, but no-one ever speaks of Jewish racism. I guess they believe in the the philosophy of, do as I say, not as I do.

        Get back to me when Israel allows free and true elections (including the Palestinians), to takes place in Israel; as most of the Islamic Middle East is currently allowing. Syria excluded. I take you seriously.

        I know you wont do that though, not unless you want to go nowhere in US broadcasting.

        Nazi’s(white supremist) are an easy targets, basically because of all the Heeb produced text books and vast control of the US media. ZOG as they say.


        1. “I don’t support Nazi’s” you write, only to turn around and use words like “Heeb.”

          You don’t strike me as someone free from bias. Go crawl back under your rock.

    1. Are you people even going to try to say that this is a bad thing.


      This concludes another edition of simple answers to (insanely disturbing) simple questions.

  7. Uh-huh. Grow thicker skins by called racially inferior, garbage, trash and once against demonized while you justify a white person’s actions by just a lone attacker on their own while we just simply give into our urges.

    You are the people who need to wake up, I’ve seen more violent white people than violent minorities and you want to know why? Because they are simply the majority and there are bad eggs in every bunch.

    It’s just that when a white person does it, they’re seen as an individual. When any other do it, it’s their natural tendency and every other member of their race does it.

    1. unfortunately THIS time they are seen as a group because they acted as a group. For the most part you are correct though on saying whites are seen as individuals and blacks are seen as a group.

  8. In the final analysis, each of us are born with a finite number of days. We can chose to spend our days in peace, or spend them churning up inside with hate. What a waste of a life, to carry a standard representing a defunct regime lead by a man who’s brain was destroyed by syphillus. What can be accomplished by this parade? Nothing. It won’t feed your kids, won’t make you live longer, or find you happiness. It’s a waste of time.

  9. Heh, heh. I got the notice of Patrick’s last comment in my inbox, and at first thought he was talking about Walker. I was thinking, “Wow! What did I miss!”

  10. Blacks and whites (and all other races too) share this earth, share this country, and share this community. Instead of focusing only on defending the rights of one race, I think that individuals of all races need to come together to make a statement against violence in our community. What happens when you focus only on stopping the hate in one direction is that it tends to promote hate in the other direction. This can create more issues and increased racial tension.

  11. I am not taking sides with the white supremacists in the least bit, but would police issue warnings like this if it were a group of black protesters? This seems to be racist.

  12. And allow me to make even more lefty enemies, if the State Fair attacks were to have been found to be racially motivated, I would have fully supported hate crime enhancements.

    An aside: were to have been? How the hell do you diagram THAT sentence? Once I find out, and sit on it for a while, I will have had been having an experience to have been talked about. Right?

    1. “if the State Fair attacks were to have been found to be racially motivated, I would have fully supported hate crime enhancements.”

      I agree. If the State Fair attacks had been found to be racially motivated, then they should have been treated as hate crimes.

    2. if the State Fair attacks were to have been found to be racially motivated, I would have fully supported hate crime enhancements.

      This is about the least controversial thing ever uttered.

  13. I am thinking that–yes we should all learn to live together but where is the guidance for the children that are raised to hate?Oh yeah they are in homes where parents don’t work take drugs and just don’t raise their kids.Yes there is racism out there because some parents think that WE OWE THEM for their past oppressions.

  14. First off, I have seen enough examples throughout my years to know that extremists of any kind do nothing to help an already tense situation, so I do not agree with the rally.

    However, those people who do not think we have a problem with minorities in this area are either ignorant, or have been lucky enough to shelter themselves from the problems, as I was able to do before moving to the Milwaukee area. As a resident of the area, I have witnessed a correlation between the number of minorities moving into my neighborhood, and the rise in crime, specifically violent crimes.

    The word “minorities” is a relative term. Nationally, they may be minorities, but as of lately in my neighborhood, it is about 50-50. If you actually look at the crime statistics, which I have, minorities are still committing a majority of the crimes. I have personally been a victim of crimes committed by minorities, and have friends and family who have been victims of crimes by minorities. None of the people I know have ever been a victim of a violent crime committed by a white person. Either that is a terribly unfortunate coincidence, or there is more to the story than anyone is willing to admit.

    It’s the reverse-racism and ignorance of people that spark the extremist groups. We ignore the statistics because we can’t sound racist, we allow exclusive minority groups and benefits, and if you’re white, there is nothing you can do about it because then you are a racist, which in turn is racism itself. If you look at the definition of racism, it does not state that it only applies to a specific race. A lot of the minorities I know are just as racist, or more racist, than most of the white people I know.

    So when mobs of white kids start beating up black people in Milwaukee, or mixed-race mobs beat up mixed-race groups of people; and my friends, family & I are victims of crimes committed by a white person, then you can call me, and the others who have witnessed the problems in this area, racists.

  15. Why has this situation risen to national recognition? What is not happening in our state to police the violence? Why do families have to be afraid to attend events in fear that they might be random victims of racial attacks? Mayfair/4th of July/ State fair? Who SHOULD be in charge of protecting our families from these types of racially selective attacks? Maybe if whoever it was did their jobs the “out of towners” wouldnt be coming to our town! We as a community should be embarrassed that we are unable to protect our own families against these attacks!! Is this a civilized community we live in?

    1. Why do families have to be afraid to attend events

      They don’t. That’s why state fair enjoyed record attendance.

      Who SHOULD be in charge of protecting our families

      Milwaukee’s crime rates continue their rapid decline, so it seems the ones who SHOULD be doing their jobs….are.

      So there’s that.

      But hey, if your prejudice and fear keep your neo-nazi sympathizing self out of this beautiful city, that’s a win for us.

  16. Deep thought:

    There seems to be an awful lot of support for (which is what rationalizing in favor of is, if we’re to not mince words) neo-nazis in the Milwaukee area.

    Just for the record. Good to know.

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