Why is Obama afraid to fight Republicans?

With the latest comprom capitulation by President Barack Obama on the federal debt ceiling increase, I can’t help but wonder one thing:

Why is President Obama afraid to actually stand up to Republicans in Congress?


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6 thoughts on “Why is Obama afraid to fight Republicans?

  1. I’ve stopped believing he’s scared to stand up to Republicans, is a bad negotiator, is weak, etc. I believe he got exactly what he wanted out of it.

  2. Me THREE! That’s just what I was going to say. I think he’s not really a leftist at all.
    (you laugh or you cry)

  3. I’m very disapppointed. He is starting to remind me of Jimmy Carter. Wimpy…Wimpy…Winpy!!!! The President is going to lose if he doesn’t start standing up to those hard-core Tea Baggers. I suspect most are too young to remember Carter as President.

  4. Yeah because at age 30 your palm crystal turns black and you have to go all Carousel, and if that doesn’t get you then it’s Green Cracker time. OR if you’re still alive in spite of all that you’re too stupid to use dem internetz. Which as everyone knows is only for porn.
    Obama is nothing like Carter. And this isn’t wimpiness, it’s something else. More complex, more calculated, more horrifying.
    btw did anyone ever try to read the Jimmy Carter historical novel? It had a sex scene right away. COULD NOT HANDLE IT.
    The idea of Jimmy writing about sex. Jez plain icky. 😛

  5. Because Liberals and Progressives don’t have his back. They only care about their one issue and not the big picture. Consequently, if he sticks his neck out then the rich liberals would hate him. If he doesn’t support gay marriage then the gay liberals with hate him. If he doesn’t support the working poor then the working poor will hate him.

    Conservatives have each others back no matter what. They see the greater evil in their ideology. So they stick together…ie…no tax raises period! Liberals and Progressives only see the good of what’s in it for them right now.

    Liberals and Progressives need to just come together and support the Democrats. We can’t keep fighting multiple battles on multiple fronts. We can’t keep dividing our forces or nothing will get done. We need to have a D-Day. Put all our troops in one area and win the war instead of fighting all these little individual skirmishes among ourselves.

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