Our Gloves Are Off For The Trump Regime

My position as a political writer and now publisher is to show respect for the political office no matter the occupant. That has been pretty constant during my tenure here at Blogging Blue. No nicknames, no derogatory tags, etc…well except maybe the use of regime for the current administration.

So it’s always been Governor Scott Walker, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Senator Leah Vukmir, President Donald Trump and so forth.

This sentiment will remain in effect for all but one…that being the current resident of the Oval Office. He seems to be totally amused by selected derogatory nicknames and pejoratives for anyone or anything that he perceives to be an opponent or a threat. And he keeps digging in deeper and deeper. Just this past week adding venomous attacks on Robert Mueller, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the Mayor of London (I mean, really?), etc, etc, etc. No reason to lay off anymore. There is no respect yet available of the man. What’s the term? No fucks given??

So…given that his current fall back international negotiation technique is to declare tariffs…you may see me refer to the president as Donald Tariff or Donnie Tariff. Well, you know, just ’cause!


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