Top DOT official: don’t tell the public about free voter ID cards

Under the Voter ID law enacted by the Republican-controlled legislature, citizens of Wisconsin will not be able to vote in future elections unless they provide a valid photo ID at their polling place. Ordinarily a state-issued ID costs $28, but the Republican voter ID law will make state-issued voter ID cards available free of cost to citizens, a provision put in place in order to avoid the voter ID law being struck down as unconstitutional.

However, while state-issued voter ID cards are supposed to be free to citizens, an internal memo written by Steve Krieser (pictured, right) of the Department of Transportation and sent to staff members instructs workers at DMV service centers where the voter IDs would be issued not to tell members of the public that they can obtain the voter ID cards free of charge.

It’s worth noting Krieser, who was appointed to his current position by the Walker administration, once served as chief of staff to former Republican State Sen. Tom Reynolds, one of the most extreme (not to mention odd) Republican legislators in recent memory, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Krieser is working hard to try and disenfranchise as many potential voters as possible.

So let’s recap:

  • Republicans pass voter ID legislation designed to make it harder for Wisconsinites to vote.
  • Republican operative Steve Krieser appointed to a high-ranking position within the Department of Transportation by Walker administration.
  • Republican operative Steve Krieser authors memo directing DMV staff not to tell the public they can get a free voter ID.

Yeah, absolutely no disenfranchisement going on here….nothing to see…move along!


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1 thought on “Top DOT official: don’t tell the public about free voter ID cards

  1. You know, it’s way too easy to become accustomed to this BS. I really thought this wouldn’t make it out of the Capital Times yesterday, but today Reuters wrote it up and the flippin’ Houston Chronicle picked it up off the AP wire.

    People outside of Fitzwalkerstan are still staring in slack-jawed amazement.

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