4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Lee Camp excoriates Fox News…on Fox News

  1. The only thing that would have been better is if Lee said during the Fox News interview “You realize that the biggest joke is the one you play on your audience every day, where you know you’re lying but they’re stupid enough to fall for it anyway.”

    I especially like the classy hate mail with the death threats. Reminds you of how weak the average GOP politician was to whine about the emails sent them during the protests, because their folks go death threat if their pwecious feewings get bwushed.

    1. Yeah, there’s some real class acts out there when it comes to conservatives. I’ve got a folder full of hate email from conservatives who want to personally attack me, my family, etc. simply because I dare to exercise my First Amendment rights to free speech on this here slice of the intertubes.

      1. You’re braver than I. I don’t want to reveal my full name on the internet on principle because of that. (The “T.” is actually a middle name of mine, which I rarely put down.)

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