Was Scott Walker really oblivious about his spokesman’s prosecutorial immunity???

I’m just not buying this….

Gov. Scott Walker says he first learned that his spokesman had an immunity deal in an ongoing John Doe investigation when it became public late last week.

Talking to reporters after holding his second Job Creation Forum in Milwaukee, Walker said he doesn’t believe Cullen Werwie, his press secretary, should have told the first-term Republican governor about receiving immunity in the criminal probe of Walker’s former and current aides.

“He’d be violating the law if that was part of the condition,” Walker said of the investigation, which requires witnesses and their lawyers to keep its details quiet. “For me, I just learned about it the other day, just like everything else we’ve talked about or things people in the media have talked about.”

I don’t believe for one second that Scott Walker first found out last week about Cullen Werwie’s immunity deal – a deal that Werwie was granted in April as part of an ongoing John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County.

While the proceedings of a John Doe investigation are confidential, Werwie’s immunity deal wasn’t confidential, and I simply find it amazing that Scott Walker had absolutely no knowledge that one of his closest aides had cut a deal for prosecutorial immunity in exchange for testimony/information relating to an ongoing investigation of former Walker aides.


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2 thoughts on “Was Scott Walker really oblivious about his spokesman’s prosecutorial immunity???

  1. I don’t buy it either. It’s all about image. Scotty wants to look innocent, hoping that will look good in front of an eventual jury. That’s why Werwie will not be canned.

  2. I found this section of the MSJ article by Dan Bice interesting:

    “”Walker also acknowledged Tuesday that his longtime campaign treasurer, John Hiller, had left that post. Records show Hiller was replaced by Kate Lind on May 13.

    The governor said the change had nothing to do with the John Doe investigation

    “For us, we put someone on who is a professional comptroller to make sure, with the volume of supporters we have, we had somebody who could handle that,” Walker said. Two insiders said Hiller had also broken formal ties with the campaign around the same time he began soliciting clients with business before the state.“”


    So Werwie was granted immunity in April and Hiller decided to move on in May….nothing to look at here.

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