Time to support the FAB 14

TIME magazine is voting on who are the 100 most relevant in 2011 and you can make your voice heard here! The FAB 14 crew of Wisconsin State Senators are being voted on and you can help propel them in the voting!

Here is the info that TIME gives on them:

They’ve revolutionized the very concept of the filibuster. Presented with a state budget plan that limited the rights of public employees, 14 Democratic members of the Wisconsin state senate, recognizing that they were outgunned in the chamber, decided their best course of action was to pick up and leave the state with the aim of forcing a compromise. You can’t have a vote if you don’t have a quorum. When their 22-day adventure came to an end they returned to Madison, they became a flash point for both union rights and austerity in debt-ridden America. Derided as the “most shameful 14 people in the state of Wisconsin” by the Republican state senate majority leader, they also became folk heroes on the left. Pins were printed in their honor, and people even learned their lawmakers’ names.


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8 thoughts on “Time to support the FAB 14

  1. What a shocker TIME magazine calls the 14 fleebaggers the FAB 14 when they are cowards and gutless union loyalist instead of representatives to the people in their district.

  2. Nota, since you are su predictable, would you like me to just add your response to the end of all of my posts? I know exactly what your going to say each time.

  3. So – when all the heavy lifting is done and the adult decisions have been made, they come strolling back in. “Hi!! I’m back!! What’s for supper??” For the little that they have to contribute, I am now convinced that the taxpayers are better off to have them lounging poolside in some Illinois NoTell Motel. At least down there they don’t do any damage!

    1. its sad, when they get more notoriety for leaving the state than for anything they have ever accomplished in their lives. heck at this rate they should leave the country, they may win a nobel prize.

  4. What’s really sad is these unemployed trolls sucking off the public teat and using their free time to spout nonsense on progressive blog sites. Typical hypocritical Rethugs.

  5. There was talk of the RECALL HANSEN people paying near the end to have people go out and collect names, well with 19 days to go needing only 800 more names that should not be a problem. But now lets take a look at cost here The Recall Hansen group have spent $1500 on their recall the first 30 days the Democratic back recall Crowles has spent $57,301!!!!!

    Works out .09 a name for Hansen an $3.59 for Crowles, man there is noithing libs can do that does not cost huge amounts of money, fiscal responsibility just does not mean anything to them.

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