Just a thought on the Republican presidential field

Despite all the hoopla and positive press (at least from the right-leaning media) that surrounded Texas Governor Rick Perry’s entry into the 2012 Republican presidential field, Perry’s candidacy has begun to falter in the face of a series of gaffes and poor debate performances, leading to continued calls for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to jump into the race.

With Rep. Michele Bachmann shedding campaign advisors faster than most people change their underwear, she’s ceased to be a top-tier candidate for Republicans (though she’ll probably get a lot of attention as a possible VP choice for the eventual Republican nominee).

Ultimately, as I look at the Republican presidential field as it stands now, I can’t help but believe Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee to face President Barack Obama in 2012, but I’d like to hear what you think. Do you think Mitt Romney will eventually emerge as the Republican presidential nominee, or do you see one of his opponents (or someone else) being able to beat him for the nomination?


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6 thoughts on “Just a thought on the Republican presidential field

  1. I’m with Jeff on this one.

    What’s going on in this country politically makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t stand to go to Dem party meetings and hear the anger and vitriol. And I can’t stand to occasionally watch Fox News or read conservative blogs and be exposed to the anger, hatred, and venomous vitriol.

    God help us all.

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