13 thoughts on “Mark Block should never appear in another ad ever again

  1. Someone tweeted me that ad last night. Wow… It’s stunningly incompetent. What’s the message here? Who’s the target audience for this ad?

    Smokers for Cain?
    Bad ‘stashes for Cain?
    Angry White Men for Cain?

    1. The uselessness of this ad clarifies the fact that Cain and Block are not running a campaign to win election but a vanity campaign to cash in. This one is for Big Tobacco money and to provide the C detective movie still photo of Block’s wet dreams. He has more face time in the ad than cain who smiles the charlatan’s gesture to his Koch bosses: “See, I’m working it.”

  2. Yes not sure what the cigarette smoking adds at the end…. Was Abramoff busy? They couldn’t fit scooter Jensen in? This could be the singl worst ad in history.

  3. The cig is there on purpose. He wanted to appeal to smokers in Wisconsin. He wanted controversy. He wanted the ad to gain attention.

    1. Either that or he’s a profoundly incompetent campaign manager who has no clue what he’s doing. Yeah… I think I’m gonna go with that.

      As my wife just said… “Someone thought that that was a good idea.”

  4. If the ad hadn’t started with ” Cain 2012″ I would have thought it was PSA from the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

    Sort of a ” Hey kids, stay away from this guy”

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